The Original “EDZ 450”

A few weeks back I put some photo’s of MW Taskers new Scania R560 here on the blog. Everyone said how good the truck looks etc etc, but a few of you asked why does a brand new truck, deep in the heart of the Suffolk countryside, have a set of Northern Irish numbers plates, EDZ 450?? and why does the second truck on the Tasker fleet have a similar plate? Keep reading and I will explain all. Firstly here is a photo of the original EDZ 450, a real, true legend of the international trucking world!!

MW Tasker (Various)

Back in 1995 a certain Michael Tasker was on the look out for a 2nd hand left hand drive V8 to purchase. What should he stumble upon, but what appeared to be an ex Ralph Davies Scania 143 450hp. Scania, check. V8, check. LHD, check. Tag axle, check. Ally wheels, exhaust stacks, extra lights, check check check. Perfect. So off to Holyhead to view the truck.

MW Tasker (Various)

Holyhead?? Yes the truck was, at the time, owned by an Owner Driver in Holyhead who went by the name of ED. Are you working it out for your self?? Yes you guessed it, the reg number came from it’s Holyhead owner. EDZ 450 translates to Ed’s 450hp Scania. Thats it. Simple when you know isn’t it?! No real reason for Tasker to have the plate except that it was the reg on the truck when he bought back in ’95 and has kept it on a truck ever since. The simple reason for Tasker’s second truck to have the plate HDZ 450, is purely and simply that is was the closest match to EDZ. So now you know why a Suffolk owner driver has always had a Northern Irish plate. Do you know who owner driver Ed from Holyhead is or was? Then email me, or leave a comment.

MW Tasker (Various) 

The next part of the story was a little rumour that Tasker can’t quite remember the details of. The faded memory is that this truck never actually made it on to the Ralph Davies fleet. Is it possible it was fully specced up but the order was cancelled and the truck was sold on. To me, i’m not sure I can quite believe it, but every story has to start from some where. If the truck was finished to Ralph Davies spec, including stacks, lights, wheels, why at that late late stage of new vehicle delivery would it have been cancelled?? No ideas? no me either. Can you help shed any light on the rumour? is there any way of telling if it ever was a Ralph Davies truck? Please feel free to leave your comments or email me, and in return i’ll leave you with a photo of the latest EDZ 450.


Middle East Memories from Ray Campion – Chapter 1

I received this lovely email from Ray Campion. I am putting it on here in its entirety as i think its just great!! If you have any info or stories about Ray or the M/E then please email them over for us all to enjoy, stories and photo’s are welcome! Email; – Thanks Ray i look forward to the next installment.

“Hi my name is Ray. I started my middle east adventures in 78 and went to work in Iran for a German company along with 26 other drivers on a contract running gas pipes across the Zargos mountains south of Esfahan, it was a short lived stint as the Iranians and the Iraqi’s had a bit of a falling out and as you have probably been told there was one hell of a war. Took us three weeks to get out of the country all the trucks were dumped and we flew home, a lot more to that story but that’s for another time. i came home but it wasn’t long before i was on a plane headed for Doha Qatar a job for a English company who’s name i can’t remember but i do remember i was using one of Astran’s old Scania’s cant remember the reg but i do have a photo somewhere and if i find it i will let you know. Sadly that job folded and i came home from there riding shotgun with a good friend of mine Athol Anderson from Scotland he also had a cracking 142 Scania course i shared the driving.he dropped me in London where i caught the train home to Bristol within the week i was running overland to the M/E along with everyone else, shit they were the good old days. I bumped into Dick (Snow – Admin) once but have heard all the stories i finished around 84 and funny the very same week i finished i received a phone call from Astran offering me a job!!! that was like getting summoned by royalty, i turned them down but regretted it over the years”


Picture is Part of Dick Snow’s own collection.

Where do you Read Yours??

I’ve been meaning to post this one. A week or two after The Long Haul Pioneers was released my good friend and expert pilot sent me this photo. His comment being; “Unusual places to read THE book – No1. 39,000 feet on the way to Marrakesh.” How about that then Ashley?? Do you know of a higher place to read the book than that?? Whats more worrying, The Pilot is reading a book while flying or the fact he is taking a picture of the deed on his phone while flying??!! Although if you look hard enough the book is placed on the list of things to do after take off! If you want a copy of the book, then go to Old Pond Publishings website, although they are currently out of stock. Great Picture, if you have evidence of a better place to read the book the email me,

Unusual places to read THE book - No1 39,000 feet on the way to Marrakesh.

New Email Address

For some reason my email isn’t working and i’m struggling to work out why. So for now if you have stories, pictures or any thing else you want to share  please email me at:- hopefully then i will be able to share your stuff. If you have ried emailing the address recently please resend to the new address.

O2 for V8

Rumour has it that image concious boss Graham Wilson has penciled a deal with company communications supplier, O2, to re-paint one of the company trucks with a joint O2 and England Rugby livery if England win this years 6 Nations Tourament. So could we see this truck with a new wrap in a few weeks, fingers crossed!!

bigr250 from Liverpool

 I cant say anything about this one, but thats not bad going, as an ex-owner driver i cat see anything wrong with trying to earn a living!!

I heard about an owner driver from Liverpool (like me) who had an Iveco Turbostar (like me) who shipped out of Newhaven one Sunday evening, parked up outside 1st drop (Irun) Monday night.Tuesday, delivered Irun, Vitoria, Logrono & Mendavia & ran to Madrid.

Wednesday, delivered Carmarma de Estruelas, 2 in Cos Lada, ran to Valencia & loaded La Pobla de Valbona. (guess what with?)

Thursday night, shipped out of Dieppe on the midnight & delivered 23 pallets of onions to Glasgow market 10pm Friday night and was back in my own bed before 5am Saturday morning. (I mean he was back in his own bed  )

All of this was done without breaking any speed limits or any tachograph regulations. 


PS, if you believe the last paragraph you must still believe in the tooth fairy.

Sleepness nights from Boyzee of Basildon

The story i put up previous did happen,the company was called clifton sadler and had a yard on the south side of blackwall tunnel.They would change the name of the company every few months,it was icewain,clifton sadler,unison,precom,etc.A few very well known drivers work there some are well known to some of the ex london drivers on here.The first spain i did for them i was teamed up with nic the greeks farther in law bobby king who years ago had worked for hudsons and joey martin on fruit then freightbus etc.Although id known bobby for years i had never run with him before.I went to the yard that night and bob was loading his gear into his f12 globetrotter.I said to him how ever you want to run this trip is fine by me,he replied i dont stop to eat and i dont stop to sleep so off we went.We had a europa trailer which was loaded for their depot in madrid.We drove none stop to madrid and while we were tipping i went in the shower,just as i was finishing off in the shower bobby was shouting outside “hurry up we have to tip some cases at fords in vallencia.I ran out of the shower with my clothes jumped in the lorry an off we went flat out to fords.Bob was a good driver,he could do spain out an back on his own,unlike some he did,nt need anything to keep him going.We tipped in fords and reloaded oranges back.On the way home i was driveing through lyon,an bob was trying to cook his breakfast on the engine cover going along,he would not stop for anything other than fuel.He was a real character i liked him cause he did,nt care about anything an he was a grafter.Bob retired a good few years ago now thats why i have named him,the other drivers from this company are still driveing and im sure they would back both these tales as the truth.

TruckNet – WheelNut, Derby

I worked with a bloke who was always lucky with the laydeez. Well he always told us he was.We would get regular stories about his exploits, it was always when he was running on his own, 

Wheel Nuts efforts must ring true to many, how many times ahve you been to a place expecting it to be like what a fellow driver has said and its nothing like it. To true!! –

We would be told about the blonde lab technician who would knock on his cab door in the night. or the weighbridge clerk who wanted a bit of rough,.we all went to the same customers and parked up at the same places, but these girls were never there and he was the only one who had a vivid imagination or was indeed very lucky.To be honest I think he read too many magazines with sticky pages

Little Story from Willie Roadstar

I’ve put a note on asking for stories of yesteryear. This is a good one from Willie Roadstar of Stoke on Trent. All yours Willie;

Must post this story from my travels, and this is a true one !!

I was pulled at Dunkirk scales Canterbury on my way back from Berlin with a full load of non alcholic beer (sacriledge I know !!), I had an F10 4×2 with the then new 13.6 m tilt on, because I’d topped up the tanks in Zeebrugge, I was 1200 kgs over on my drive axle and got done for it, had to go to an haulage firm in Canterbury to get load shifted about.

While waiting for a police escort to take me there, an Irish 141 4×2 with Tri axle fridge was pulled in, the most cracking peice of kit you have ever seen, gleaming from front to back, anyway, they rolled him over the dynamic at 56,500 kgs, they pulled him to the side and read him the riot act and asked him to produce his tacho, which he did, I was standing next to the attending memeber of her majesty’s boys in blue at the time and could’nt beleive my eyes !!(and Ive done my share – but thats another story !!) – the tacho was completly black, on questioning, the driver stated that he only kept it in to keep the red light off on the head – as it irretated him while driving !!!!

He then was asked to produce his licence, at which point, he selected one from a batch of 4 and said that they could use that one, me and the copper where starting to get the giggles at this point!!

He was asked by the ministry man where he had driven from last, he stated Naples, the reply was “no – where have you started from this morning” – “Naples came his reply, I started yesterday at 2 am, I need to catch the ferry in Stranraer tonight!!!”

The officer then cautioned him and asked him to wait in his truck, at this point he asked if they had finished checking everything and they replied, “Yes, you will now have to wait, while we sort out a court sitting tomorrow” – OK he said – See Yeh Then !! ” and started the truck and drove away.

The ministry man had a dicky fit and started running after him, screaming to the copper to get on his bike and go after him. – The copper turned to him and said

“No way, there’s no point, I’ll radio on up to the boys in Essex and get them to stop him” !!!!!!!!!

Never saw the driver again, but boy, I had to admire is style !!