The Duck is Back

What a legend of a truck and what a great looking model! This is a release from IXO Models in 1:43 scale. I’m sure you all know the film, but the truck is of course the one and only Rubber Duck Mack R Series. What an iconic truck, so I jumped at the chance to get my hands on one.

Now if like me you’d like one, the IXO contact in the UK is a very helpful man by the name of Andy Mills and can be found in various model groups and of course on the Convoy film group. You better be quick, for £42 delivered to a UK address, Andy will post worldwide, they are selling fast as you would imagine! I’ll post a couple of photos of the actual model when it arrives.

While we are at it, feel free to post your favourite Convoy film quotes!!

Make Christmas Day, Poppy Day

This years must have Christmas gift for all of you, must also be the first stage of becoming a European mega trucker. The one and only Grace mate Poppy, best known as just a Poppy Air Freshener. If you go to a European truck show then these little beauty’s are in all the show trucks and for good reason. They are long lasting and smell good. Depending on your favourite, there are a load of flavours to choose from, my favourite is the very subtle Vanilla.

I’d never been able to find them for sale anywhere apart from Holland, but now you’ll be very pleased to know that they have been in stock in one of the UK’s leading truck accessories companies, KUDA Automotive, for the last 4 or 5 years. KUDA may not be the official importer but they have been selling Poppy’s the longest. Yep here in the UK you can buy your own Poppy and not have to order and wait for it arrive from Europe – awesome. Not only can you buy the normal glass jar version but KUDA also stock a good selection of the card versions. If you want a decent gift or want to give your loved ones a decent idea for a gift this year, then click the following link to go straight KUDA’s Poppy page, where you can order online.

Go on, click HERE FOR POPPY’s.

Online Auction – J A Transport

I have no money and certainly can’t afford another truck, so unless by the phrase “auction” they actually mean swap meet, I’m sadly out of this one. I was sent a link to this auction on Friday and I have been dreaming ever since! Some really nice motors here for auction and I’m sure some will go for big money. Plenty of Volvo and Scania but also a couple of nice English trucks and some lucky dip cupboards from the workshop that you can bid to win all the contents. The auction will be held onsite in Burnley, Lancashire and bidding is open until 11am on the 23rd September. It’s all online and you can visit the website by clicking the link – HERE.

Essex Models Seek new Home

Thought you’d missed out?

Every one needs a bit of Essex in their life. There are only a few of these models left up for grabs. A nice box set made by Tekno in 1:50 scale. There were less than 50 sets left at the time of writing so be quick and get your order in.

There were only 250 of these Essex International sets produced and most have gone, these are the last few sets available. They will of course be a collectors item set and will be sure to appreciate in value. If you’re keen then they are up for £175 posted to a mainland UK address or you can collect from Russell Oliver at Truckfest Peterborough this coming bank holiday weekend.

You can contact Russell by direct message on either of the following platforms;

Instagram = diamondgeezer1974

Facebook = Russell Oliver


Customised promotional model vehicle specialists, Search Impex, are pleased to announce the release of a 1:50 scale Volvo FH XL 25 Year Special Edition (6×2) truck with fridge trailer, customised in the new eye-catching livery of Northern Ireland based operator Adams Transport. The models have been produced exclusively for Search Impex by WSI Collectibles as a certificated Limited Edition (175 pieces).

 Adams Transport took delivery of the Volvo FH 25 Year Special Edition (the first to be ordered by a Volvo customer) to commemorate the life of John Adams late wife, Gillian Marie, who sadly passed away in 2015.  Dedicated to his wifes memory, the unique new 25 Year Edition flagship truck is especially poignant to John  as 2019 would also have seen the couples 25th wedding anniversary. Based in the village of Armoy, Co Antrim, Adams Transport was established in 2007 by John Adams.  With a passion for trucks from an early age, John had been driving rigid trucks since he was first legally able to do so and he quickly moved onto driving artics from the age of 21.  After some years of driving for other companies, however, John found he was increasingly spending extended periods away from his wife and young family and so he began to think of ways of changing his lifestyle so he could spend more time with his family. With a view, therefore, to taking back control, he made the decision to set up on his own and so Adams Transport was born.

Sheer hard work and dedication, supported by a team of loyal staff, has seen the business grow solidly and successfully over the last 12 years.  The Company specialises in the delivery of agricultural goods throughout Ireland, as well as undertaking general haulagework.  With a fleet of 15 trucks (almost exclusively Volvo) and a similar number of trailers (a mix of fridges and curtains, plus one flat bed), Adams transport trucks can be seen regularly on the roads throughout Ireland and also over on the UK mainland  from Scotland down to the Midlands and beyond.  

 With the exception of the new flagship Volvo, the other trucks in the fleet run in Adams Transports smart corporate red livery. Thus far, fridge trailers have usually been plain, with livery applied just to the back doors  but all of that may soon be changing!  The arrival of the new Volvo also led to a rethink about corporate branding and this resulted in a decisionto design a smart new trailer livery.  The first fridge trailer in the new design will be arriving in the fleet very soon  so keep an eye out for it!  When coupled with the Volvo 25 Years Special Edition truck, it will certainly make for a very classy combination.

 Models, available from Search Impex, are priced at £149 each (including UK delivery & VAT). For details of availability of this and other models, collectors can visit the Search Impex website at or call them on 01332 873 555.


Customised promotional model vehicle specialists, Search Impex, are pleased to announce the release of a 1:50 scale Volvo FH Globetrotter (6×2) tractor unit with 3 axle, curtain trailer, customised in the eye-catching, centenary livery of W.H. Bowker Ltd. Produced exclusively for Search Impex by WSI Collectibles, the model is a certificated Limited Edition (205 pieces) and has been commissioned by Bowker to celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2019.  It is based on their real life Volvo FH units and curtain trailers bedecked in the special 100 years anniversary livery – two of which have recently joined the Bowker fleet.  

 W.H. Bowker Limited was established in 1919 in Blackburn – Lancashire, when William Bowker used his £75 war gratuity to buy his first vehicle.  Hard work and sheer determination saw the business grow rapidly from its origins as a local haulier to become one of the UK’s leading transport specialists with a reputation for an innovative approach to the needs of industry.  Expansion into European haulage came during the early 1960’s when UK manufacturers became increasingly successful in exporting their goods and Bowker saw the opportunity to introduce a reliable service to the Continent by conventional trailer.  The first continental cargo movements began in December 1961 and continue to form an important part of the business.

Despite being one of the oldest UK companies specialising in national and international logistics, the business has most certainly kept pace with the times.  Nowadays, Bowker runs a state of the art fleet comprising more than 160 vehicles (predominantly Volvo) and around 300 trailers and the Company also operates more than one million square feet of warehousing and storage at its seven sites across the UK.

 Models, available from Search Impex, are priced at £149 each (including UK delivery & VAT).  For details of availability of this and other models, collectors can visit the Search Impex website at or call them on 01332 873 555.

Restoration Project Anyone??

I’m always up for helping a fellow truckers d in this case it’s an old customer. I’ve restored an old Scania and many nights I had the thought of “I’ll never get this done”. Sadly in this case there are plenty of other priorities and the restoration project has to be shelved. At this stage details are a little sketchy but this is or will be once again, a Scania 143 6×2 rear lift. It is up for sale but needs sensible offers please, it’s not a straight forward project. Info as follows;

“I’ve attached pictures of the 143 V8, think it’s a 1993 or 1994.  95% of the parts should be there but can guarantee a few will have been lost.  If you know of any one interested or someone who can give me a fair valuation so we know what we should be asking for that would be really useful please as I will quite happily hold my hands up and say I don’t have a clue!”

Honesty is the best policy people! This is likely to be an incomplete kit so does need a home with some know how. The truck is in dry storage near Ripon, Yorkshire. If you are seriously interested and willing to help then please email me directly;

More photos to follow. It looks good to me but is beyond my capabilities and also I’d never have the time. That said a tag axle, flat top 143 does sound very tempting!!

Designed for Little Truckers

I saw one of these little rigs in Holland last weekend and I have to say I want one. Being slightly too old and with a risk of overloading the front axle I think I better not take the risk. That being said if I was still as small as most aunts and uncles claim I was the last time I last saw them, then I would be getting one of these bad boys.

An acquaintance of mine, Ben Lord, and his company many of you will know, Speedbird Promotions, are an Authorised Exclusive Distributor for Scaled Rigs ride-on trucks. Scaled Rigs ride-on Scania truck is a premium quality product for kids, designed to ignite their imagination and passion for trucks. Manufactured in Ireland sourcing components within Europe. These little trucks are fully specced up too;

  • Battery powered 24V unit with chain driven transmission.
  • Functioning fifth wheel allowing for coupling/decoupling of trailers.
  • Pneumatic 6-ply tyres .
  • Sturdy plastic moulded cab and rear valance.
  • Functioning tail lights.
  • Scania V8 engine noise .
  • Forward/reverse.
  • Variable throttle speed.
  • Safe top speed of 6km/h.
  • Safety shutoff/cooldown built into the ECU to prevent damage in case of overloading.

If you’re keen and you want to give the kids the best thing since the BP Mercedes-Benz racing truck, Call Ben’s Sales Team on +44 (0) 1359 232667 for more information on how you could have your own Scaled Rigs Ride-On Truck.

ACH Model Now Available

Here it is, the ACH model is now available through Anglo Dutch Truck Models. I have to say I did have a little hand in getting it released but Steve at ADMT did the hard work and what a belter it is. Based on one of ACH’s F12 Globetrotters, F81 HFC, the model is well detailed with a matching tri-axle tilt. There are only 200 models all with their own certificate’s available and I know over a third of these are already reserved, so now they are on general release you better get in quick!

Get onto ADMT and get your ordered while you can, click the link to order yours HERE & NOW.

Thanks Steve and WSI for creating another awesome model. If your free Steve and ADMT will be at the NEC in Birmingham this weekend and he will have the mode with him if you want to get your hands on one super quick.

ACH Model Released for Pre Order

Finally the ACH model is available for preorder from the amazing Anglo Dutch Truck Models. This has been on the cards for a while but as you can imagine there is a lot of planning, checking and making sure colours and liveries are correct. The truck is F81 HFC, a genuine ACH truck (see photo below) that is actually still on the road in Ireland. The Volvo F12 Globetrotter tractor unit is well matched to a classic tri-axle tilt in ACH’s famous livery. I have to say Steve at Anglo Dutch has excellent himself with this one, it is very very realistic!

The model can be preordered by clicking the following link: PREORDER ACH TRUCK MODEL.

The model is likely to be physically available around October and I am reassured it will definitely be out way before Christmas. The production run will be between 170 and 200 units depending on how well they sell, so get ordering!….then we may be able to get a second one commissioned!!

If you are a genuine ex ACH employee then please can you register your interest on the ACH Facebook page, or through myself or Tony Giddins as names have to be checked to qualify for something extra.

To the rest of you then you can preorder on the Anglo Dutch Truck Model website. While you’re there have a look at the other highly detailed models that are expertly created by Steve along with WSI. I have to say I’m so pleased this model was done as a WSI rather than any other manufacturer as I think they do just pip the rest on the fine detail. The details is what makes them realistic for me.

Anyway get ordering by clicking above or click HERE.