SCOOP!! Scania S730 in Stock

In stock here in the U.K., ready for delivery and registration. Spec as follows; 

  • Scania S730 High Cab
  • 2 x 6×2 and 1 x 4×2
  • Left Hand Drive
  • 2 peddle opticruise
  • V8 leather package
  • Premium radio with sat nav
  • Fridge
  • Led spotlights in roof and grill
  • 9ton front axles on air
  • All the toys you could want!

Need I go on?! Get yourself something nice with your Christmas money, surely Nannie gave you some vouchers??? Get yourself onto and get yourself a happy new year. Love them or hate them, there aren’t many stock units in the U.K.  so I can’t imagine they will be around for long. First come first served give Mr Moody a call……


Scania S Series wins IToY 2017

Scania’s brand new S series wins the International Truck of The Year 2017 award at the IAA in Hannover. 

Scania’s new truck generation honoured – The S series elected “International Truck of the Year 2017”
Scania has once again won the prestigious “International Truck of the Year” award. The jury’s motivation emphasised the new truck generation’s driver comfort, safety aspects and its positive impact on haulers’ overall economy, among other factors.
“The award is the leading recognition in the industry that all our engineers and in practice the entire Scania organisation have done an excellent job,” says Henrik Henriksson, Scania’s President and CEO. “Our goal is to always meet our customers’ expectations and needs and the jury’s motivation is a clear confirmation that we have also followed the right approach with the new truck generation.”
The jury, which is today composed of 25 leading European trade press journalists and chaired by the Italian automotive journalist Gianenrico Griffini, wrote the following in its motivation:
“With its new range, Scania has delivered a truck that represents a real “state-of-the- art” offering in the heavy duty segment, capable of satisfying not only today’s but also tomorrow’s transport needs.”
The IToY jury also highlighted Scania’s tailored service offering, which is based on the fact that more than 200,000 connected Scania vehicles are out on the roads.
The award is for the S series − the new sleeper cab with a flat floor that is mainly intended for long-haulage trucks and that Scania has just introduced within the framework of its new truck generation.
“The S cab, with its flat floor, offers a truly car-like driving experience,” says Griffini.
Besides offering exceptional comfort and unrivalled space, the S cabs can also be fitted out with dual side curtain airbags, a safety feature, which Scania is the first in the truck world to be able to offer.
“The new truck generation, which will be honoured was developed by our 3,500 engineers in Södertälje together with other Scania employees and in close dialogue with our customers,” says Henriksson. “The award shows that Sweden is still a leading industrial nation and that we can compete in the world markets.”

Scania’s investment in the model range is the largest ever in the company’s 125-year history. In total, SEK 20 billion has been invested in the development of new products and services, including in the adjustment of production.

LAUNCHED: The New Scania 

  • Ten years of development work, SEK 20 billion in investments
  • More than 10 million kilometres of test driving
  • Global launches in five phases
  • 40,000 customers to be invited to experience Scania’s range first-hand on site in Södertälje
  • A strong focus on customer profitability, through precisely cust­om­ised transportation solutions in the form of sustainable products and services
  • The new truck delivers 5% lower fuel consumption on average
  • Scania’s entire range is re-defining the market’s view of the term ‘premium’

Scania is introducing a new truck range, the result of ten years of development work and investments in the region of SEK 20 billion. With the new range, Scania is extending its offering and can now, thanks to its unique modular system, supply more performance stages, connectivity and a comprehensive palette of productivity-enhancing services as well as sustainable transportation solutions that are precisely customised for each type of customer in the highly comp­etitive transportation industry. The promise is that Scania’s customers will always be able to carry out their work in the most sustainable and profitable way, regardless of industry and area of application.

“It is undoubtedly the biggest investment in Scania’s 125 year history,” declares Henrik Henriksson, President and CEO of Scania. “It is with hearts bursting with pride that my colleagues and I are now presenting the products and services that will bring Scania to new levels regarding market shares and carry us far into the next decade.

“Today we are not just launching a new truck range but also a unique, ingenious toolbox of sustainable solutions in the form of products and services that Scania is first in the industry to be able to deliver – and I feel I can claim this with confidence. We are focusing firmly on our main task: to give our customers the necessary tools for achieving profitability in the one business that really means something to them, namely their own.”

Production of the new trucks starts immediately at Scania’s final assembly plant in Södertälje. Initially the focus will be on vehicles and services for long-haul transportation, but additional options will be continually introduced as more Scania plants readjust and additional options emerge.

“There is a tremendous amount of development work by our engineers behind this introduction,” emphasises Henrik Henriksson, Scania’s President and CEO.

“The most noticeable features are of course the new cabs, but the real innovation is that we are now introducing new technologies, services and insights that will help our customers gain an overview of both their costs and their revenues. Our goal is for our customers to be able to achieve sustainable profitability, regardless of assignment type or the conditions in which they work. Our customers’ vehicles always constitute a link within the bigger picture; Scania embraces this through quality, accessibility and a range of physical or connected services. Our new range of products and services re­defines the term ‘premium’ within the truck industry.”

Scania is launching its new range in phases, with a clear focus on various customer segments and according to a carefully planned schedule. The introductions will continue after the first unveiling in Europe, with more customer options, before the entire process concludes with simultaneous launches on markets outside Europe. Among the improvements Scania is introducing, one that is particularly noticeable is a 5% reduction in diesel fuel consumption, thanks to factors such as improved powertrains and better aerodynamics.

The express goal is for at least 40,000 customers and prospective customers to have test driven the new vehicles themselves in connection with the launches, and to have been introduced to Scania’s entire range, covering everything from sustainability optimisation to financing, insurance and maintenance. Other channels are online communication, the media and Scania’s approximately 1,700 dealers in more than 100 countries. The unveiling was held earlier tonight in Paris, live in front of roughly 1,500 special guests and globally to the online community.

Templeton O’Heck!!


Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together!! Mr John Templeton must be over the moon with his nearly finished brand new custom Scania. As most of you will know John Templeton is no stranger to a heavily customised truck, his last one being “Avatar“. The brief given to world famous airbrush artist, Matt the Painter, was; “It has to be busier than Avatar”.


I think that brief has been met don’t you?! Before we go any further all of these photos belong to Matt the Painter and I have his permission to use them. There are lots of people involved with such a massive project, from the boys at Coles Customs, Tor Trucks paint shop, an unnamed leather expert and of course Matt the Painter. So where do you start?……a blank canvas of course. 



The eagle eyed amoung you will notice not only custom paintwork but also a number of custom parts; modfied side skirts (note the 3 exhaust holes), a completely flat panel on the rear of the cab, what looks like a lower windscreen panel, also a pretty amazing lower front bumper, you might recognise some of the parts used in the make up. There will of course be a few more custom parts added, lights and bits and bobs, but the second biggest custom area will be a amazing interior. The interior has been fully lined with black, red and white leather, approx 7 or 8 hides have been used. The painting also carries on inside the cab. Matt says there were approx 64 Heros on the external panels of the truck but he has added more, inside he has painted at least 14 on the ceiling panels alone, not to mention 20 or so on the rest of the leather panels. So those super hero fans can get to finding and naming as many as you can when you see it at a show this year. One of the ideas behind the theme was to appeal to all ages, kids and parents alike should be able to find characters they recognise. Although he’s painted somewhere around the 100 hero Mark, Matt says he’s got 600 odd Heros to choose from! Every hero imaginable or you’ve ever heard of from a 1938 Superman through to a female Asia spider woman type, called Silk from 2014. 



In order to protect the truck and the paintwork the cab will get an initial 3 or 4 coats of lacquer, before having its first bake, then it’ll be flattened down before a further 3-4 coats of laquer, more flattening down, mopping and finally one hell of a polish up. The big 730 Scania will also have the chassis and wheel hubs painted too. I mentioned the three holes in the side skirt for a special exhaust system but I’m not going to say anymore. It sounds so unique you’ll have to see it for yourselves. 

So what’s your thoughts on such a mad cap idea?? For a start we all know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and I had said since I had my Atego airbrushed I preferred simple straightforward paint job but I have to say this is just amazing, I can’t stop looking at it. My good friend James coined the phrase “I can appreciate that” the other year. Meaning you know it’s an amazing motor but not your preferred taste. I have to say I’m right on the edge of turning my appreciation of this crazy multicoloured V8 into love and want!! You can’t deny its a one off, you can’t deny its already got people talking about it, you can’t deny it is a work of art! Whether you’d want to drive it everyday for what ever reason is a different matter, but I think I would…..

Actros: Roadsharks Special Edition

This gorgeous Dutch Mercedes-Benz 2563LS GigaSpace Roadstars Special Edition is on its way to the UK!! What a gorgeous beast although some would say I’m a little bias! It may have been the star of the MB stand at the RAI Show in Amsterdam this week and it might be left hand drive and it may have 630hp but I reckon it’s going to be some ones pride and joy and I can’t wait to see it in action. Look out for it from next week wearing UK plates!!


SCOOP!!: Volvo 6×4 Rear Lift Axle

Straight from Volvo’s Press release department, some revolutionary tech news;

Volvo Trucks is now launching a new function – Tandem Axle Lift – which makes it possible to disengage and raise the second drive axle. This gives better road grip and up to 4 per cent lower fuel consumption when the truck is driven unladen. The solution is ideal for heavy-duty operations with loads being carried one way and returning empty, such as hauling timber, bulk cargo or operating in the construction industry.

 “With Tandem Axle Lift the second drive axle can be disengaged and its wheels raised off the road when the truck is driven empty. This offers many advantages, of which the most significant is the fuel saving since driving with the second drive axle raised saves up to 4 per cent in fuel compared with having all the axles lowered,” says Jonas Odermalm, segment manager Construction at Volvo Trucks.

 By replacing the differential in the first drive axle with a dog clutch, the second drive axle can be disengaged and raised. The driver thus has access to both the power and capacity of two drive axles (6×4) and also the better manoeuvrability of a single drive axle (4×2). What is more, driving with the second drive axle raised also cuts the turning circle by a metre and imposes less wear on tyres and suspension systems.


“Tandem Axle Lift is perfect for operations where ground conditions or gross vehicle weights demand a tandem-drive truck, but where the vehicle returns empty or lightly-loaded in the opposite direction,” explains Jonas Odermalm.

 Tandem Axle Lift also offers the driver better comfort when the truck is driven empty, which can correspond to 50 per cent of the operating time. The in-cab noise level is lower and vibrations are reduced when only the tyres of one drive axle are in contact with the road.

 The Tandem Axle Lift option is now available for all models in the Volvo FM, Volvo FMX, Volvo FH and Volvo FH16 ranges.