Middle East Memories from Ray Campion – Chapter 1

I received this lovely email from Ray Campion. I am putting it on here in its entirety as i think its just great!! If you have any info or stories about Ray or the M/E then please email them over for us all to enjoy, stories and photo’s are welcome! Email; ben@truckblog.co.uk – Thanks Ray i look forward to the next installment.

“Hi my name is Ray. I started my middle east adventures in 78 and went to work in Iran for a German company along with 26 other drivers on a contract running gas pipes across the Zargos mountains south of Esfahan, it was a short lived stint as the Iranians and the Iraqi’s had a bit of a falling out and as you have probably been told there was one hell of a war. Took us three weeks to get out of the country all the trucks were dumped and we flew home, a lot more to that story but that’s for another time. i came home but it wasn’t long before i was on a plane headed for Doha Qatar a job for a English company who’s name i can’t remember but i do remember i was using one of Astran’s old Scania’s cant remember the reg but i do have a photo somewhere and if i find it i will let you know. Sadly that job folded and i came home from there riding shotgun with a good friend of mine Athol Anderson from Scotland he also had a cracking 142 Scania course i shared the driving.he dropped me in London where i caught the train home to Bristol within the week i was running overland to the M/E along with everyone else, shit they were the good old days. I bumped into Dick (Snow – Admin) once but have heard all the stories i finished around 84 and funny the very same week i finished i received a phone call from Astran offering me a job!!! that was like getting summoned by royalty, i turned them down but regretted it over the years”


Picture is Part of Dick Snow’s own collection.

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