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  1. My God, how life has changed!!! In the early ’60s I asked my then boss, for an agency card, Hubby Davis, replied”Theres your card boy”and gave me a lenght of hose pipe !!!


  2. could anyone help me im trying to find a site that sells trucks for restoration looking for scania 82m 7.5 tonne curtainsider any help much appreciated thanks davie must be 1980s series 2


  3. Hi Ben just found truckblog 3 days ago i have viewed the whole site & its great mate, keep up the good work, i do like Luke Vernons diary the big V8 is the icing on the cake . thanks for a great site Andy


  4. Hi Ben,

    Really like the new front page. Very nice looking Scania. Somewhere in Scandanavia I presume. On a separate matter, I volunteer at the Ipswich Transport Museum and we have just received on loan from the Historic Commercial Vehicle Society, a 1919 Leyland box lorry, RAF spec. in the livery of Chivers with a Cambridgeshire registration. Chivers had fruit farms in Suffolk so we can justify having it on display as it has a local connection. The museum only collects items manufactured or operated in Ipswich and its surrounding areas. It looks beautiful!
    It will compliment the 1974 Scania 110 of Russell Davies and Cranfields ERF, and
    the 1950 Atkinson 8 wheeler flatbed ex Carters of Melton. This is still unlettered as we are still trying to obtain photos showing it with fleetnames. Will send some pics across soon.


    Adrian Cooper


  5. Hallo ! Ich suche ganz dringend ein Modell von ASTRAN Cargo ( neu oder gebraucht ) bzw.
    wo kann ich das neue Modell von Tekno vorbestellen ?
    Danke , Michael


  6. Hi. I have a Scania 82H which has been parked up for about 4 years. If anyone is interested in restoration, they can have it for the scrap value


  7. Hi, I’m after a Scania 141 / 111 or a touch newer to add to collection if anyone has one for sale?, ideally restored but so long as sound and running, any one know if anything? Thanks John


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