Sleepness nights from Boyzee of Basildon

The story i put up previous did happen,the company was called clifton sadler and had a yard on the south side of blackwall tunnel.They would change the name of the company every few months,it was icewain,clifton sadler,unison,precom,etc.A few very well known drivers work there some are well known to some of the ex london drivers on here.The first spain i did for them i was teamed up with nic the greeks farther in law bobby king who years ago had worked for hudsons and joey martin on fruit then freightbus etc.Although id known bobby for years i had never run with him before.I went to the yard that night and bob was loading his gear into his f12 globetrotter.I said to him how ever you want to run this trip is fine by me,he replied i dont stop to eat and i dont stop to sleep so off we went.We had a europa trailer which was loaded for their depot in madrid.We drove none stop to madrid and while we were tipping i went in the shower,just as i was finishing off in the shower bobby was shouting outside “hurry up we have to tip some cases at fords in vallencia.I ran out of the shower with my clothes jumped in the lorry an off we went flat out to fords.Bob was a good driver,he could do spain out an back on his own,unlike some he did,nt need anything to keep him going.We tipped in fords and reloaded oranges back.On the way home i was driveing through lyon,an bob was trying to cook his breakfast on the engine cover going along,he would not stop for anything other than fuel.He was a real character i liked him cause he did,nt care about anything an he was a grafter.Bob retired a good few years ago now thats why i have named him,the other drivers from this company are still driveing and im sure they would back both these tales as the truth.

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