bigr250 from Liverpool

 I cant say anything about this one, but thats not bad going, as an ex-owner driver i cat see anything wrong with trying to earn a living!!

I heard about an owner driver from Liverpool (like me) who had an Iveco Turbostar (like me) who shipped out of Newhaven one Sunday evening, parked up outside 1st drop (Irun) Monday night.Tuesday, delivered Irun, Vitoria, Logrono & Mendavia & ran to Madrid.

Wednesday, delivered Carmarma de Estruelas, 2 in Cos Lada, ran to Valencia & loaded La Pobla de Valbona. (guess what with?)

Thursday night, shipped out of Dieppe on the midnight & delivered 23 pallets of onions to Glasgow market 10pm Friday night and was back in my own bed before 5am Saturday morning. (I mean he was back in his own bed  )

All of this was done without breaking any speed limits or any tachograph regulations. 


PS, if you believe the last paragraph you must still believe in the tooth fairy.

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