My Trucks

These are the trucks I have owned in purchase order. These days i’m gutted to say I am currently without a truck.


V413 KPU - MAN 8163 (67)

V413 KPU - MAN 8163 (71a)

AV52 KGU - Mercedes Atego (78a)

AV52 KGU - Mercedes Atego (71)

8.8.06 054a

bens (24)

bens (35)

B190 EDT

UJN 509V


19 thoughts on “My Trucks

  1. I was always a fan of your 7.5 tonners, especially the MAN L2000. I remember it having an interesting “stripey” propshaft! We still own a P reg L2000 with the 224 hp engine. Still a pleasure to drive and sounds awesome witha straight through drag pipe!


  2. Can anyone help? Needed mini artic for BSB race team. Needs to pull 2.5 ton trailer
    Airline brakes 5th wheel hook up hight of approx 980mm
    Complete unit incl trailer to meet 7.5 ton licence requirements
    Please call 07507083205 or email me


  3. i remember you and that actros matey, tis your old mate paul rylance here, didn’t she end up with Harwich express? im still on ccc but in killingholme permanently. finally got technology and signed up here, must catch up kidda


  4. Ben how’s the new project doing for you my friend keep heat on them followers, if a child run a message for you you’d have to give them a couple of quid. Crack that whip lad and good luck.


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