New Anglo Dutch DAF

Anglo Dutch Model Trucks are fast becoming the go to guys for top quality small run UK and European model trucks. Boss man Steve is passionate about truck models and what I like is that he is passionate about the small details that set his models off from the rest, bumper and GB stickers and the like. The latest model ready to pre-order is an ARGS DAF drawbar. It looks a real belter and looks so 1980’s it’s amazing. Get ordering as with all ADMT models it’s a small run of top quality trucks. Details as follows; 

Make: WSI Models Holland

UK Classics 200 series 

Country: UK London
Scale: 1/50
Quantity: Certificated 200 Pcs
Model Details: Diecast metal model of a Daf Spacecab Drawbar outfit in the livery of ARGS london England.
Estimated Release Price : £165  


WSi ACH Model 

One of the best retro companies in the UK for me, Aston Clinton Haulage or ACH are sadly consigned to the great truckstop in the sky. I have a close affiliation to ACH and because of that I started and still run the ACH Facebook page, seemingly with the blessing and backing of ex drivers and also owners. The idea of an ACH model truck isn’t a new one but it is one that is getting a lot closer to reality. With the expertise and persistence of Steve Bowden, the owner of Anglo Dutch Model Trucks Ltd, Steve now has permission from the Fowler family and is ready to start finalising the model. This is crunch time. The most likely model will be a 1/50 scale WSI and the most likely combination is a Volvo F12 Globetrotter with a rear bogie lift, hooked up to a blue tilt trailer, much the same as the photo above.  The main problem for Steve Bowden is knowing how many to make and also how much to sell for. They will be produced in a limited one off production run and will end up (hopefully) around the £130 mark. Steve is looking for guidance from you all to see if it’s all plausible. The truck is very likely to be a Volvo as I said, so please comment and say “yes please” if your keen and would like to get your hands on one. All feedback is likely to end up in the production of this model, so please have your say and make this model happen! 

Ralph is Back


I love repeating myself (so Mrs Blog says), so I’ve probably told you before that I must have somewhere close to 750 Herpa 1:87 scale truck models these days, no idea why as they all have to stay in my Mothers loft for now. Saying that the models are amazing and Herpa’s tooling is by a million miles the most detailed in HO or 1:87 scale. This latest model is a new Volvo FH4 in the famous black and red that makes Ralph Davies trucks some of the most recognisable on the road. The trailer is based on a Chereau frigo and uses some new tooling in the production. I think Herpa may just have created their best looking trailer yet! This model has the name “Master Liam” on the front grille and I am told this is one of Ralph’s grandchildren. Herpa are now related to Dutch 1:50 scale model maker Tekno, consequently there will be a 1:50 scale model being released later this year and that model will bear the name “Master Henry”. I have managed to collect 8 or 9 of the previous Herpa Scania Centurion models and I can see myself trying to get hold of the same for this gorgeous Volvo! 

As a side note there are 8 confirmed new UK models from Herpa this year and may be a 9th if they get on with it. 


Heavy Weight Modelling

Speedbird Promotions are delighted to unveil it’s first exclusive model for IMC Models to the UK market and what a terrific choice to launch the range with! It’s been the talk of the truck forums since it’s launch onto the road two weeks ago and we are honoured to bring the Mercedes-Benz Arocs 8 x 4 with a Nooteboom 6-axle MCO-PX Lowloader in the livery of Scottish Heavy Haulage experts, West of Scotland Heavy Haulage.

 Commemorating their 70th Anniversary this year, West of Scotland Heavy Haulage decided to partner with us once again on the strength of our quality and service reputation that we delivered on through the success of the MAN TGX heavy haulage model produced last year. Just like the MAN, the model will be delivered in a specially branded West of Scotland 70th Anniversary Gift Box and accompanied with a limited edition certificate.

The unique collaboration of IMC with it’s range of Nooteboom trailers in 1:50 scale and Tekno with it’s highly detailed range of tractor-units guarantees to offer collectors the ultimate combination of one of the most highly detailed heavy haulage scale models money can buy!

Expected release date of this model is in time for Truckfest Scotland 2016 with an estimated retail price of £159.95 including free UK delivery.

New Tekno UK Historic Collection Model 

New release from UK Tekno experts, Speedbird Promotions. Looks like a great looking retro model. Read on for more details; 

We have the following model which we have just released and available for purchase into the Tekno UK Historic Collection:

 Glen Dee

Scania 113 (3-Series) 6 x 2 with Thermo-King 3-axle Fridge Trailer

Price: £149.95 including free UK delivery

Strictly Limited to 150pcs and is exclusively available from Speedbird Promotions

As a well-known name embedded in the roots of the Aberdeenshire road transport scene before being acquired by Grampian International Freight in the mid 1990’s, this model is already proving to be hugely popular amongst collectors!

 This item can be ordered by calling our offices or through our website –


Big Boys Toys

I have a son who is 5 years old and for a couple of years now he has been the proud owner of a Bruder Toys fire engine. It’s a big bugger and takes up a fair amount of space but what I really admire are the working parts. The turn-table ladder extends up to over a metre, the stabiliser legs extend out and take the weight off the wheels and best of all there is a fully functioning and usable water pump that shoots water out of the long rubber hose. If there was a small fire in our house I have no doubt that this machine would easily cope with the emergency. If you watch the first video above then could easily be forgiven for thinking that it’s a promotional video about the Arocs range by Mercedes-Benz!

This leads me nicely onto another chance mention of Bruder Toys I had on a training course at work. One of our top trainers who works with people all across the UK and is is regular liaison and consultation with those at world headquarters in Germany, made me aware of the Bruder videos and was quite insistent that I have a good watch. Now I’m please to say that following Mr Nick Smiths advice, my son and I spent the best part of 30 minutes (father and son bonding time of course Mrs Blog!) watching through loads of videos on the Bruder YouTube channel, including the tractor and combine harvester ones, you’ve got to have a look. Not only are they big boys toys in the true sense of the phrase, they really are, or could be a useful working truck! If only they came radio controlled, now there’s an idea Bruder, then you really could have a fleet of working vehicles to help with the gardening or building jobs. The cement mixer can even pour out its load and the gritter below does actually spread grit out the back, what more could you want?? Oh you want it big enough so your gorilla hands don’t stop you playing, well as the 8 wheelers are over half a metre long I don’t think you’ll have an issue.

It just so happens that I have a birthday coming up in the next couple of weeks and for the first time in a good while I think I will have something affordable that I actually want on my birthday list. For boy or girls, for truck lovers, young farmers or what ever, I strongly recommend having a look at Bruder. If I get one for my birthday then I’m sure said truck will last for a good number of years and will get a few metres under its wheels on family jobs and beach holidays! Great work Bruder, now how about the radio controlled versions??…….


Herpa Modelling the UK

Herpa UK releases

..and Ireland! – I have long been a collector of 1:87 or HO Scale truck models and I think it’s fair to say that I would need to build a large extension on TBHQ or more likely quadruple its size to get anywhere near to being able to house my collection that is currently in loads of boxes in my parents loft! For me it all started with a freebie model I was sent in the post by Schmitz Cargobull when I was a young teenager. Being impressed with the model I received in the post I started saving my money and I found a postal address to buy from, then I moved onto heading to a wonderful model shop on Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, London by the name of Victors. Then from there I started contact with Mr Herpa UK himself Ernest Springley. I now have 500+ models and in all honesty I don’t really want to add them up as I suspect it’s heading closer to 1000 models and I’ve just started buying more regularly again!

Herpa UK releases
Herpa UK releases

The one bug bare of mine always used to be that there were never many British vehicles readily available, the ones I did learn about became very difficult to track down, until the invention of eBay! I soon learnt that a good majority of the UK models had been orchestrated by Mr Springley and were down to his collaboration and working with Herpa. Since those early days I have now become a real “collector” and among other internet activities, I do trawl through eBay looking for models at least once a week. Usually late at night or when I’m sat on the bog, Mrs Truckblog must think I’m up to something else! Anyway I digress, if you know where to look you can find the right things so I’m lucky enough to have a few rare models these days that Mr Springley has tipped me off about over the years.

Herpa UK releases
Herpa UK releases

Nowadays I want to get ahead of the game so I’m playing a little bit of catch up and trying to get hold of as many of the recent models that have been produced so I won’t have to hunt around for them. All the above have been release in Herpa’s standard range which mean’s that they aren’t produced in a restricted run or in an “exclusiv” silver box. It’s not just a case of producing what they fancy, there is consultation and permission granted by the company whose livery is to be used and a lot of hard work put in by Mr Springley getting the model looking as life-like as possible and I have to say they look pretty damn good. Some of you prefer the larger 1:50 Scale models and I don’t blame you they are bigger and can achieve slightly more detail than the smaller, but the downside being the size and the higher price tag. As a collector I still prefer the smaller scale and I will continue to collect, but now I’m even more inclined to collect as more British liveries come through.  All new releases are listed HERE on the Herpa website each month.

Mr Springley is always open to ideas for potential new models and all company names are considered. Mr Springley has spoken about the potential for a classic range with companies from the 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s but these will need more international appeal as they will need the appeal to sell on the continent to encourage Herpa to produce them. If you have any ideas then please feel free to leave them as comments below and they will get passed on. Obviously some of the more famous names such as Astran have been suggested already but again leave any suggestions below.

The next model to come along is this Mercedes-Benz BigSpace in the livery of Irish haulier Dixon Transport. Due to be released in a few months time it will be yet another quality model that recreates the real life truck almost identically apart from a few centimetres!

Dixon Big Space