I always wondered what the rich people of Europe spend their money on, but now i know……… Green Houses. At least that’s the impression I get from Steve Marsh’s last few decent Europe trips. A few weeks back you will remember we were trying to find a farm in mid-Spain in El Mappo MAN and then more recently Marshy has been up in Norway delivering yet another fancy green house to Kristiansand. A trip to Norway is always exciting (I would imagine) and none more so than when you learn a new route to avoid going up and through Oslo. Many moons ago, I remember booking my first truck onto the Horten to Moss ferry and since then I stupidly assumed that was the only way to avoid the Norwegian capital. Wrong. Marshy used and told me of the Drobak to Drammen tunnels. Our friends from Norge do love a tunnel we know that, but have you ever driven the route? Some of you will use it regularly I’m sure. I guess it is probably a cheaper alternative to the ferry, but a few more miles round. Still always good to learn something new. Speaking of which where is that famous tunnel in Norway that you all stop at it the middle with a big layby and blue lights in the roof, know where i mean??

Once tipped in Norway it was empty back to Germany for a reload back to the UK. On the way down there was plenty to keep Marshy amused, not just the #littlebigcabclub member spotting, this 12t Atego from Romania was spotted at the ferry terminal in Helsinbourg, but also the Extra Dick Hamburgers the Danish sell for Saturday tea time. No that is not a spelling mistake. Crazy Danes!!

Painting of the Gr814

It’s now been a year since she’s been in the UK, MOT’d, registered, taxed and now the show season is nearly upon us I really want to get her painted and I know I’ve asked you all before for your opinions. Their is a great NG1633 that has been restored in Germany by the great Holger Hahn and I have to say that I want to turn the Gr814 into a bit of a mini me if that’s ok with Holger??

Here’s the plan;

The cab and roof deflector currently silver, both painted in Sky Blue RAL5015.

Front bumper only in Astral Silver which is MB9735.

Cab steps, front wings, chassis and fuel tank in Deep Black RAL9005.

Wheels – undecided.

There is reasons behind the choices that make sense to me at least. I’m all about keeping the truck original to its year of manufacturer 1989. The only blue available in the UK price list for that year is RAL5015 Sky Blue, that’s the cab and roof deflector sorted. I like the contrast of the silver bumper on the 1633, so it makes sense to use Adastral silver for this, as this is the colour of the cab currently and the colour it left the factory as. It also then keeps the original colour on the truck. This leaves the chassis and front wings. I like the black front wings on Holgers truck and as the chassis has been Deep Black (was known as Jet Black) since new, again it makes sense to keep it the same, keeping it original. I have to say although it looks good on the 1633 I’m not a fan of the factory standard chassis colour that both MB and MAN used to use and I’m not sure it will work so well on the smaller chassis on the 814.

If any body shops are reading this and want plenty of publicity and mentions for the next 12-24 months and want to paint the truck for free or as close as, please get in touch. I see it like a demo kitchen, get it for virtually nothing but it then becomes a physical advert for your work and I’m sure I can get your company name on the truck somewhere. To be discussed if you fancy the challenge.


Personalize a miniature model? That is now possible! Tekno Gifts – part of Tekno Collectables – launches a special tool in the webshop that allows you to create and order the trailer of a blank miniature model completely according to your own design.

The truck designer offers you the opportunity to have a DAF or Scania 1:87 trailer designed and printed according to your own ideas. You can add your own photos as well as text in an endless number of colors and symbols to your design via the truck designer. How exciting is it to surprise your best friend or fellow truck lover with a self-designed Tekno model?

The birthday of a nephew, a colleague who is retiring or the birth of a first (grand)daughter: with the truck designer you can design their dream trailer.Of course the truck designer also makes it very accessible for business customers to create (a larger volume of) a truck from their own fleet to scale. Tip from us: a unique, self-designed model is a good alternative for a business gift or as a token of appreciation to the staff.

The truck designer is not to be missed in the menu bar in the webshop or can be reached via this link: After you have given your creative mind free rein and we have received your order, your unique, self-designed print will be applied to the miniature model by hand by employees of the Tekno team in De Lier, The Netherlands.

Have fun designing your own miniature truck!

Strictly limited: The new Actros L Driver Extent+

The Actros L Driver Extent+ further enhances the Mercedes-Benz premium truck and definitely makes for an unforgettable driving experience. The new special edition model is striking with its exclusive design and first-class comfort. A driver’s dream, strictly limited to 150 units.

The name speaks for itself: That’s why the model’s front panel flap features Actros lettering in elegant dark chrome. In addition, a badge visibly identifies the truck as an exclusive Driver Extent+ and limited special edition model. 

The truck features exclusive decals in matte gray. This adds color highlights under the side windows as well as on the sun visor, side trim and front. The cab color can be freely selected.

The black closed panel makes the front of the vehicle more expressive and the illuminated Mercedes-Benz star even brighter.

The four round, roof-mounted headlamps keep everything in view and improve visibility for drivers in all weather conditions. The lights with energy-efficient LED technology have been installed in the sun visor. The front and rear axles are fitted with wheel stud covers, rear axle caps and wheel nut protection caps. These are available with black paintwork or in high-quality stainless steel. The closed aluminum frame covers offer two additional step plates and complement the standard steps.

The illuminated entrance badge with Mercedes-Benz lettering and the stainless steel entrance steps on the driver’s and front passenger’s side ensure the safest possible and most suitable entry into the exclusive special edition model.

But Driver Extent+ doesn’t stop on the outside: The ambient lighting with a total of 138 LEDs ensures pleasant, indirect light in the cab and can be individually adjusted in color and intensity.

Another special feature is the pod coffee maker. In true style, it fits in with the Mercedes-Benz design in the vehicle’s interior and can be easily stored in the cup holder thanks to its handy size.

In addition, the CabLock anti-theft device provides increased protection for drivers. The system can be locked and opened independently of the central locking system.

Centurion List – The Final 4

J727 TRO – 113M 360
J606 UOE – 113M 360
J5 LOS – 143M 500
J949 EDS – 113M 400

So what will come first 100 trucks on the list or a publisher??!

In the mean time we are now down to 4 confirmed Centurions we don’t have numbers for and amazing we have 4 empty spaces on the Centurion list. Is it a coincidence or have RP and myself (and all our informants) just about got 96 other trucks right?! Well there is a good chance as all the others are based on plenty of evidence, each number backed by at least 2-3 facts on the truck.

The above 4 trucks are all genuine Centurions, we know that for sure. Amazing we can’t get anyone with any concrete evidence on what number they were. I have even been having contact from Chris Kelly at Keltruck and even he can’t find any evidence of what number J606 UOE was and he drove it out to eastern Europa on an aid mission!

J727 TRO in Cambrian Pet food livery, but it does look a little tired in that photo.

J606 UOE. Well photographed and was a demo, but what happened to it after? Did it end up with a repaint and on the SEAS fleet after they parted company with #100? Just a thought.

J5 LOS. Perfect looking 143, we know a lot about it and have original photos from the owner before and after sig writing but no number!

J949 EDS. Had quite a few owners including Thomas Douglas Haulage from Glasgow. Still no one knows the number.

The remaining 4 numbers in the Centurion list we can’t allocate to a truck or a reg number are: #037 / #043 / #054 / #068.

No need to go over old ground but if you know anything on these 4 trucks or a Centurion number rings a bell as you’ve seen a certificate from Scania in a transport office, please, please let us know. Comment below or email me;

… where the yellow pages…. P for publisher….


The PETRONAS Team De Rooy IVECO set off yesterday (3rd January) from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for the prologue of the 2022 edition of the world’s most extreme rally race, the Dakar, which returns to Saudi Arabia with a new route. This first day took the participants to Hail, covering a total distance of 834 km with a 19-km mini-special that gave them a taste of what is to come. The route will cover a total of more than 8,000 km, of which 4,300 km of Special Stages, taking drivers into new landscapes and across vast expanses of sand, where they will tackle all sorts of sandy terrain, on tracks and chains of dunes and canyons. It will challenge them with a jumble of tracks that will require their best navigation skills to avoid losing their bearings.

The Team is taking on the extreme terrains of the race on board two IVECO Powerstar and a Trakker. For the tenth year, IVECO is the official supplier of the team, providing vehicles, engines and spare parts. All the IVECO trucks feature IVECO Cursor 13 engines with up to 1000 hp of power specially engineered by FPT Industrial.

IVECO’s history with the Dakar Rally race dates back to the very first edition, in 1979, when it started providing support trucks, and continued through the 80s with the PAC 260 and 190 models.

The cooperation between IVECO, Petronas and De Rooy Team began at the Morocco Rally 2011, when IVECO won with a Trakker, kicking off an exciting journey that has led to two victories in 2012 and 2016 in the Dakar Rally.

Manton European Freezer Freight Part 12

Here we go again! K414 KNW must want me to own her I reckon. I spotted this truck way back in the 1990’s in Braintree (not Spain!). As a lad she caught my eye and looking at the photo above you can see why, perfect looking motor in my book. See my original post from 2011 by clicking HERE.

After I posted my original blog, I had loads of feedback and ended up with a load of photos from Rich Tilford. Rich used to paint Manton’s new vehicles when they arrived, in the companies infamous yellow and green livery. It just so happens that Manton bought this truck either as an ex demo or second hand – would be good to have this clarified just because please. As it needed a full paint job, Rich’s steady hand was used and you can see above and below the before and after photos, good job Rich!.

Then recently my photo was shared on another Facebook group saying the photo was taken in Spain. To be fair I wish I had been in Spain rather than an industrial estate in Braintree, but not sure my BMX would have got me that far. Sparing any names for the embarrassment, i put said person correct and as with most good truckers, there was a fair bit of banter and mickey taking and it turns out we all agreed it was Braintree. bearing in mind the photo was the 1990’s, I would have thought the beloved K414 KNW may have been long consigned to the scrap heap or a life in the Middle East. Please prepare yourselves for further posts on this “never say die” truck as it has been bought and rescued by well known Suffolk haulier, Matt Gregory Transport Ltd. Matt commented on the Facebook post saying, not to worry she has been saved and will be returned to her former glory. Not only that, she had been sitting 8 miles from my office until Matt found her. Now wouldn’t it be cool to have her back in Rich Tilfords paint shop and returned to the green and yellow! That said she will look awesome in MGT’s resplendent shade of yellow, so she will once again be a very eye catching, stand out the crowd truck. I’m already looking forward to the next lot of Manton info and the update on the restoration process.

Trucks of The Year 2021

It’s been another funny old year and I haven’t actually done many shows sadly. There have been plenty of new trucks about despite the various cancellations and seemingly endless restrictions, and a lot of shows were still able to go ahead as they were outside. My annual trip to a foreign show was once again put on hold, but hopefully next year I can take my own truck abroad for the first time since UJN 509V back in 2009! Anyway I digress. Trucks of Year really comes following the week in trucks idea, which despite contrary belief first came about on TB and not elsewhere. I wanted to point out a few stand out trucks for me this year in the hope you will all share photos of some of your favourites too in the comments below.

I’ll start with Coles & Sons New Old Skool. Coles never disappoint and they really are no show ponies, they spend a lot of time abroad and do a lot of high profile work. For me I found this truck to take Coles back to their roots and back to the family business colours, but at the same time wowing us all as always. Just for info the Coles & Sons page released the first photos and videos of the truck back in January this year and have since had over half a million views, most of which came in the first week.

Next one worth a mention is this Volvo FH V1 restoration my Bert De Mooij and Bert De Mooij. I love the Retro Truck Show in September and for me this truck is 100% what it’s all about. The retro trucking scene is for trucks that have been restored and put into the glory of years gone by, perhaps with a modern twist. If we cast ourselves back to 1993 when Volvo launched the version 1 FH, this truck would have been spot on for a Dutch flower truck. Not over the top by any means, just clever use of paint (of course it’s Dutch!) and a few accessories that are easily accepted as being period. It looks spot on for me, love it.

©️Tim Andrew

Next a couple of personal favourites. The above Actros Edition 2 special Edition with all the boxes ticked is an amazing truck. Once again MB Trucks are pioneering the way with technology, which whether you like it or not is coming now the majority of manufacturers are now copying and offering similar. This Actros is my favourite new truck delivery of the year. Everyone loves new truck day, but perhaps because of how passionate Wilkin & Sons are about Mercs or perhaps because it was the first Edition 2 on the road in the UK, for me my favourite work related truck.

Next up…. The Gr814. My own truck, bought and imported from Germany in February. I love little sleeper cabs, I love mini tractor units and when I bought my first truck in 1997 I couldn’t afford an 814! This has had two owners since 1989 and has done a genuine 260,000km from new. It has nearly all the available factory options from the time, which really just leaves me only to do a little titivating and then hopefully get it painted before 2022’s show season.

Next a proper big hitter and a worthy truck of the year mention. This DAF by Paul Cecil is simply awesome. Even if you’re not a DAF fan, or a fan or green trucks you have to appreciate this Gloucestershire beauty. I don’t know Paul too well but we have the odd chat and I remember a few years back at Assen, Paul saying the truck was in build and was having a few paint issues, but those have all been overcome and the result I’m sure is exactly what Paul and family were after. One thing to remember is that building a show winner takes time and patience people. That said it is a hard working truck, it covers all of Europe on a regular basis and is cleaner than nearly any other truck you’ll see. It is also clearly appreciated by the European show circuit too, picking up trophies at both the Nordic Trophy and the Powertruck Show in its first year. Well done Paul.

Attention to detail.

For me I think this is my truck of the year 2021. A boy hood dream and poster truck for lots of us. I have been doing the Centurion list with Richard Payne and hopeful of getting a publisher for ‘22, but finding out this truck was being restored back to its original glory and then seeing her in September will take some beating. I have spoken to Michael Taylor during the restoration and was also privy to seeing the artwork being done by Matt during the painting process. I have even spoken to John Philips and he is over the moon with it too. The truck is as good as I’d hoped, the attention to detail is everywhere. Note the Keltruck mudflap’s have the 1991 phone number not the current one. I also love the artwork, we all know Matt is a true artist and should be recognised in the art world for his masterpieces. I also like that the artwork is a modern take on the original, as in the images aren’t quite as they were in 1991 but are Matts take on them. A real dream truck for me and once again well done to Michael and all involved, I really look forward to seeing again in 2022. They say you shouldn’t meet your hero’s…… certainly not trucking true in this case.

My son took my picture next to the truck I had on my wall as a boy.