Dick Snows Diary 20/02/1984

Left Adana at 0630hrs and had a nice quiet run up to Askaray arriving at 1050hrs. Had a soup and then set out for Ankara. Got stopped three times for police control. Arrived Ankara 1500hrs, departed 1800hrs. Started to rain 60km out and then snow came down, but stopped when I dropped down. Put in 200 litres diesel and arrived at Düzce 2250hrs.

Parked up: Düzce, TR.

Adana to Düzce is approximately 740km according to a modern route map.

Dick Snows Diary 19/02/1984

Left Cizre just after 0600hrs and stop for breakfast at 0730hrs, then on in nice sunny weather to Birecek. Found out the old car park man is an Afghani, wonder why he never asks for things. Repaired fog lamp wires helped by the Afganhi, gave him some fags and biscuits and he was over the moon, especially when I told him I used to drive to Kabul. Arrived Adana, had shower, washed clothes and watched TV.

Parked up: Adana, TR

Dick Snows Diary 18/02/1984

Nick Carter arrived Mosul last night with a Telex to say my missing pallet is probably on his truck. When we looked we couldn’t see it because his load was a mess. We must hope it is . Quite a long queue at the border. Arrived at 2pm. Hope to be home about the 27th if possible. Depends on backload instructions. 8hrs in queue.

Parked up: Cizre, TR.

Dick Snows Diary 17/02/1984

Went to Talaffar this morning and checked their cargo. The missing pallet is not here and they very kindly wrote a letter to this effect. Must be in the UK. Returned to Mosul. It is a waiting day today. Customs closed so cannot collect my passport until tomorrow. Then I shall be homeward bound at last. It seems a long trip this time.

Parked up: Mosul, IRQ.

Dick Snows Diary 16/02/1984

Up at 0630hrs. Tried for diesel but NONE at Haswa , must try at Tikrit. Unloaded at 0900hrs Hyundia said he would Telex Astran about missing pallet. Hope there is no problem with customs, they have my passport! Got 200 litres at Tikrit but very long queue. Arrived at Mosul at 2000hrs. I am going to check Talaffar tomorrow to see if missing pallet is there.

Parked up: Mosul, IRQ.

Dick Snows Diary 15/02/1984

Arrived back at Mosul at 0330hrs, very tired! Up at 0900hrs. Dave Poulton stopped, said he would inform Astran that one pallet is not onboard. Tipped in Mosul customs by 1200hrs and departed for Baghdad. Managed to tip Fulujah Camp at 2040hrs and then parked at main Baghdad customs. Lots of English trucks waiting to unload. I declined their whiskey!!!

Parked up: Fulujah, IRQ.

Dick Snows Diary 14/02/1984

Up at 0630hrs. Hyundia Agent & Som Dat arrived at 1000hrs. Clear at 1200hrs but must unload at Talafar first. This agent difficult. Load must go to Eski Mosul 79km from Mosul. It’s an Indian site, arrived at 1500hrs no labour available (typical). Unload at 0130hrs. Checked there goods but difficult because all pallets unloaded by hand. They have 15 pallets plus the loose packets. No Hyundia seen.

Parked up: Mosul, IRQ.