Dick Snows Diary 05/02/1984

Sunday 05/02/1984

Late getting up 0930hrs. Cleaned cabin and did various other jobs. Had a shower and washed some clothes. Tried trailers on 2nd pin but to close to cabin. Had dinner at 1830hrs and then went to bed at 2100hrs. Can drive in 1 hours time, temp +2’C so there shouldn’t be too much black ice. I hope!!

Parked up: Liezen, A.

Monday 06/02/1984

Had repairs done by Scania Graz and then carried on to Yugoslavia with Tony. He is running much quicker than me because my speedo is reading about 7km high, needs calibrating. Road very bad and trailer is “whipping”. I parked near Ruma but Tony has gone on.

Parked up: Ruma, YU.

Tuesday 07/02/1984

Departed Ruma at 0600hrs can’t see any point in working day and night when Astran don’t appreciate it, they only want more. Stop to see if I can help John Paxton 1130hrs, caught Tony again. Stop Nis for washing / eat. Crossed into Bulgaria and drove until midnight. That seems to much for me but Tony must make it to Riyhad in 14 days or loose money.

Parked up: Nr Bulgarian / Greek Border, BG.

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