Dick Snows Diary 08/02/1984

Wednesday 08/02/1984

Crossed into Greece but cannot make it to the border before it closes, so a nice quiet run down. Stop at Kavala for eats and again at Port Lagos for nice fish meal. 1000 Drachs and then on to the border. Arrived at midnight.

Parked up: Ipsala, TR.

Thursday 09/02/1984

Cleared for transit at 1100hrs and proceeded to Istanbul. Dropped of a couple of hikers and then onto Tuzla. Brake drums overheating so stop for half hour. Reached Düzce where I am parking for the night at 2045hrs. In company with Tony Soameson. Good weather, dry and warm. Some rain earlier.

Parked up: Düzce, TR.

Friday 10/02/1984

Left Düzce at 0530hrs and stopped Ankara. Did washing and had a Turkish bath. Telex Astran about problems in Graz and then proceeded to Askaray. Nice sunny day and looks like getting warmer.

Parked up: Askaray, TR.

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