IMPORTANT: Calling All “Truckers”


Calling all drivers, calling all drivers, a TV opportunity awaits for those of you who are the real characters of our world. It might be easier to nominate others rather than yourselves. A television production company are after those drivers who everyone talks about whether it’s in a good way or a bad way. Do you have a driver who is the loudest most useless driver? do you know the man who’s been there and done it? do you know the quiet driver who does more work than anyone else all without any hassle? Do you know a driver who tells the best stories drives the best truck and is the nicest guy you’ve ever met?? It doesn’t matter who they are but if there really are a real character then please email me their name and telephone number. You can message me on the Facebook page, send me a private message on Twitter or send me an email to:



This is the words from the production company, see if its a driver you know they are looking for;

“In a nutshell, we’re looking to do a docu-reality show about Truckers, and I came across your blog and thought you’d be a great guy to speak to. We want to put truckers at the heart of the series. We want to follow them on their various journeys and really get to the heart of what their profession involves. The key to the series is that anyone we film has to be a BIG character. Are they somebody people would want to watch on television? Are they interesting or fun or good company or something that makes people watch?”

“In the first instance we’d be looking at shooting a taster of the truckers in question. The series hasn’t been commissioned yet – the network want to see the characters on tape before they give it the green light”


So you know what they are after and you know the type of person they need. If you want to give me a name and number then they will be passed on to the production company and the named person should expect a phone call. This sounds like the type of truck based programme I’d like to watch so let’s give them as many names as we can.

Email me:

Quiet Saturday on the A1


Yesterday I went to Newcastle upon Tyne to pick up a car an drive it back to Colchester. I was hoping for some top spotting but I was pretty disappointed. Well that was after my big blue Taxi had picked me up from the station. Matthew Johnson’s gorgeous Scania R500 really is gorgeous. As with most of last years top trucks, less is more. No over the top paint job, no crashed-into-Halfords over the top, too many lights, just clean, tidy, and very subtle. In my book it’s spot on. There aren’t many people who’ve had a guided tour of Newcastle in a V8 but I think it’s a great idea!


Once I was on the A1 and heading south, the sky was blue with not a cloud in sight so I was looking forward to some top spotting on my 285 mile drive. I have to say it was very disappointing. Just a couple of Scottish fridges heading North and not a lot else. The best thing I came across South bound was another Scottish fridge, belonging to M.Mackinnon from Tarbet. She looked well and nicely painted in what I’d say was quite a traditional Scottish looking livery. I was a pity it wasn’t dark as there were a lot of lights on both the truck and trailer. A good looking truck.


The rest of the journey was very quiet. I did see a GCS Johnson low loader with a set of extension beams in, but he was empty and heading home. I did see 3 new Renaults through Yorkshire. They seem to be like the Volvos, much better looking once they are painted up. Other than that it was a very simple straight forward 4.5 hour drive home.

Norske MAN


A little black beauty that’s what it is! I want to see some more photos if any one can help? Haga Traffikskule looks like it is a driver training school (and the name would suggest that too!). The little MAN doesn’t make much of an appearance on the website so i’m guessing that it is only used for publicity and promotional stuff. Although I would like to think that it is used for driving training itself, who knows??

When I passed my Class 2 (Rigid) test it was in a Leyland Freighter with a 30ft flat bed body. My Class 1 (Articulated) test was done in a Renault Premium wagon and drag which was full length and just over 4.5m high! Just imagine if you could do your license in that dear little thing, easy peasy!!

Any way can some one tell me a little more and can one of you send me a few more photos of the little black beauty please? You know how a little big-cabbed TGL is my idea of the perfect truck, so come on bloggers you are my eyes and ears, do your stuff then email me the results; — Thank you

Fly Stickered!


A few months back on my way to work, I was driving through the village of Raydon, Suffolk. I noticed this wheelie bin with GB and other truck related stickers on it. After a few more sightings over a few weeks I thought buggered it!!……so I pulled over and just stuck the corner of a TB sicker to the bin so the owner could either pull it off, sorry, take it off or stick it on completely……..last week was the first time I’ve seen it since 🙂 now all I’ve got to do is find out who the owner is and what their truck connection is.

Do you or some one you know live in a nice thatched cottage, on the main road through the middle of Raydon, Suffolk?? Email me:


Tatra Trucks and The Beast in The Bushes

Mick Bonds Photos

These aren’t spy photos they are all legit! The photographer, Michael “Fingers” Bond, ok’d it with the Tatra staff first. I can’t really tell you a great deal about them, other than they had all been at Tatra’s factory / test track in Koprivnice, Czech Republic and also they all look like right old dog’s even though some are relatively new. Koprivnice, Czech Republic I hear you say, if you type it in to Google maps, to the East of the small town you will see the Tatra factory and the test track heading off into the forest.

The truck above looks to be a 6×6 troop carrier. The Tatra website says it could be a T 810-1R0R26 13 177 6×6.1R, so now you know. It comes with a Renault engine and clearly a Renault cab.

Mick Bonds Photos

Mick Bonds Photos

The 2 trucks above are both T 815-790R99 38 300 8×8.1R or if you like they are 8×8 military cargo trucks. The plain green one is a Universal Container Carrier. Where as the one with the digital camouflage is part of a potential order for the Polish army. This model happens to be the T 815-790R99 38 300 8×8.1R or in simple terms it’s an 8×8 High Mobility Heavy Duty Universal Cargo/Troop Carrier………….No I have no idea what i’m talking about either, although going through the Tatra website is strangely enjoyable and well worth a visit. The cab on the 2 above is apparently the new cab, although I don’t know quite how new, where as the old Beast in the Bushes below is the old cab.

Mick Bonds Photos

If your going to try and break down the walls of Eastern Europe with your army then having this old thing as your back up was probably a good idea. This truck was parked at the test track and seemed to have been there for quite a while. Hence, the beast in the bushes title (not some smutty Essex related ref – GW!) To start your revolution, the truck has a dozer blade fitted to the front (or is it a snow plough?). Note the handy tow hitch on the blade. I guess that’s so you can pull who ever you have just pushed into the ditch, out again when they have handed over their lunch money. For the rest of the spec i’ll hand you over to Fingers Bond, seeing as he is the man who know’s his Tatra’s since his pre-Christmas visit;

Full air suspension all round. Multi way diff’s on all axles. Total weight of 52 tons, plus a small payload. Full bullet proof cab with 5 inch thick window’s and windscreen. Full air cleaning system in case of a chemical attack on the crew. The whole country busting truck is powered by a massive Mercedes Benz V16 Twin Turbo engine connected to a fully automatic gear box and torque converter. The whole engine and gearbox is housed in one removable piece, so it can be lifted out / changed by a crane fitted to the body of the truck which has it’s own power source.”

It sounds perfect for Saturday night seafront cruising in Southend-on-Sea, it’d soon show those crappy boy racers in their Vauxhall Nova’s and Citroen Saxo’s who’s boss! Let’s go!!………..don’t mention the beast in the bushe’s in Southend or they’ll all want a go.

Have you got any thing to add about the beast’s from the East? Leave a comment or email me,

Help Needed (Not me!)


Can any of you identify this old bus?? Mike Tasker (of Black Scania fame) spotted this old girl and her big drawbar trailer, parked up in Dusseldorff, Germany. The tractor looks like its more engine than any thing else, judging by the size of the bonnet compared to the length of the rest of it. I’m imagining its got some sort of Magirus Deutz V10 in it, but that’s probably me just getting romantic! Any who if you look carefully it has got what looks like a parking ticket in the window. Looking at the evidence it looks like it has been there for a fair while though, as the weeds have grown up between the wheels and also the flattening rear tyre. Have you got any ideas what it is?? then please feel free to leave a comment or email me;


Trucking Christmas Cards

So the festivities are nearly over, how many cards did you get? more to the point how many were truck related?? Ether the truck pic with computer generated snow or the real snow pic taken and abused by a rubbish camera, is it possible to create a good authentic looking Christmasy Christmas card??? We had a good selection in so i decided to share a few with you.

First up the good ones. Genuine pictures taken in snowy surroundings, although they can still have a hint of photoshop just for that final festive look! Charles Russell in the Alps and Frosty in his yard in deepest darkest, Suffolk ba.
Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards

The next catergory is the, pick your favorite picture and add a festive slogan to it. Not a bad idea shows you at your best at least!! Thanks to Big Al for the classic British Stack. The Scania is Owner Driver Tim Rigby from Taunton.
Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards

Then you get your down right, bugger we’ve forgotten to order Christmas cards, awful.
Christmas Cards

Can you beat these??? email

Whats your Cargo Driver?

A year or so ago a driver I know spotted this unusual looking Ford Cargo parked up for the night at Southampton Docks. It looks like it was waiting for a trailer. I can’t see the tax or O’license in the pic but if you look at the 2nd photo there is a Ford Motor Company Volvo parked in front. They both have special number plates so must have a bit more of a  purpose than your average parts trucks. Does any one have any ideas on what this truck is used for and what market this unit is usually sold too? South America perhaps?? Email me at or leave a comment at the bottom.

Mystery Ford @ Southampton

Mystery Ford @ Southampton

Where do you Read Yours??

I’ve been meaning to post this one. A week or two after The Long Haul Pioneers was released my good friend and expert pilot sent me this photo. His comment being; “Unusual places to read THE book – No1. 39,000 feet on the way to Marrakesh.” How about that then Ashley?? Do you know of a higher place to read the book than that?? Whats more worrying, The Pilot is reading a book while flying or the fact he is taking a picture of the deed on his phone while flying??!! Although if you look hard enough the book is placed on the list of things to do after take off! If you want a copy of the book, then go to Old Pond Publishings website, although they are currently out of stock. Great Picture, if you have evidence of a better place to read the book the email me,

Unusual places to read THE book - No1 39,000 feet on the way to Marrakesh.