Moody Blues


Scania Scania Scania, I know I know, that’s all I seem to put on here these days. Can you blame me when they are producing the best and really the only special editions of any worth by the main manufacturers? The Blue Stream is produced by Scania for the world wide market, it’s available in any chassis configuration with any cab as long as it has a V8 engine. The limited edition is a run of 200 individually numbered trucks.


Both the gorgeous Blue Stream and the UK’s own special edition, the Golden Griffin were released fairly close to one another but there really is no comparison in spec from what I hear and I will say hear. The Golden Griffin is a limited run of just 50 trucks available to the UK market to celebrate 50 years of Scania in the UK. For me the Blue Stream blows it’s Golden cousin out the water. It’s based on celebrating the original baby blue and pink stripes from the original Scania Streamline that was released back in 1991. With the launch of the new R-Streamline Scania got lots of feedback from drivers who fondly remembered the original Streamline, so it was decided they would release a new special edition to honour the original. Nice.





In the north of England on the east coast of Lincolnshire there is a man who goes by the name of Moody, Mick Moody. Many of you will know the name and some will know the man, I have no idea how myself and Mr Moody have become what ever we are but we text and these days talk quite a bit. Now I have been known to be a fair Scania fan but Mr Moody is probably one of the biggest Scania fans that I know (excluding Mr Rigby that is!) and when Mr Moody text me to say he had something special on its way I knew it was going to be a knock-your-socks-off-special, he didn’t disappoint. This particular truck is new and unregistered so it is in need of a good number and among the fields of dreamers I’m sure there are a good number of Scania fans with enough money to snap up edition #5. The truck is a left hand drive R580 Topline, 6×2 mid-lift. The Blue Streams spec will leave you feeling far from blue as each truck comes fitted with the following packages that are usually cost options;
· Lighting package
· Driver package
· Prestige package
· Comfort package
These packages include the following equipment, Air Suspension Including Front Axle, 2 Peddle Opticruise, Retarder, Coffee Maker, Fridge, Premium Radio Inc Sat Nav, Bluetooth, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure, Camara, Limited Edition No 5, Top Bar,Visor Bar,Rear Bar,Durabrites, Far To Many Extras To List,This Truck Is Just Pure Class. So you can be safe in the knowledge that it has virtually every option and upgrade that is possible from the factory. This has since been confirmed by Mr Moody telling me that he can’t find a blank switch cover any where on the dashboard, all the switches are in use with something or another. Have a look at the dash in the photos, you can see that every switch has a symbol and is there fore a use.



If your not a dreamer, or a tyre kicker or a waster or a Volvo lover then perhaps it might just be worth you giving Mr Moody a call and I’m sure he will set you straight. The truck will be expensive but remember what your getting, an awesome drivers favourite, collectible special edition that will hold its value. Please contact 00-Moody on either of the following;
Phone: +44 (0) 7802 225585





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