Quiet Saturday on the A1


Yesterday I went to Newcastle upon Tyne to pick up a car an drive it back to Colchester. I was hoping for some top spotting but I was pretty disappointed. Well that was after my big blue Taxi had picked me up from the station. Matthew Johnson’s gorgeous Scania R500 really is gorgeous. As with most of last years top trucks, less is more. No over the top paint job, no crashed-into-Halfords over the top, too many lights, just clean, tidy, and very subtle. In my book it’s spot on. There aren’t many people who’ve had a guided tour of Newcastle in a V8 but I think it’s a great idea!


Once I was on the A1 and heading south, the sky was blue with not a cloud in sight so I was looking forward to some top spotting on my 285 mile drive. I have to say it was very disappointing. Just a couple of Scottish fridges heading North and not a lot else. The best thing I came across South bound was another Scottish fridge, belonging to M.Mackinnon from Tarbet. She looked well and nicely painted in what I’d say was quite a traditional Scottish looking livery. I was a pity it wasn’t dark as there were a lot of lights on both the truck and trailer. A good looking truck.


The rest of the journey was very quiet. I did see a GCS Johnson low loader with a set of extension beams in, but he was empty and heading home. I did see 3 new Renaults through Yorkshire. They seem to be like the Volvos, much better looking once they are painted up. Other than that it was a very simple straight forward 4.5 hour drive home.

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