Make Christmas Day, Poppy Day

This years must have Christmas gift for all of you, must also be the first stage of becoming a European mega trucker. The one and only Grace mate Poppy, best known as just a Poppy Air Freshener. If you go to a European truck show then these little beauty’s are in all the show trucks and for good reason. They are long lasting and smell good. Depending on your favourite, there are a load of flavours to choose from, my favourite is the very subtle Vanilla.

I’d never been able to find them for sale anywhere apart from Holland, but now you’ll be very pleased to know that they have been in stock in one of the UK’s leading truck accessories companies, KUDA Automotive, for the last 4 or 5 years. KUDA may not be the official importer but they have been selling Poppy’s the longest. Yep here in the UK you can buy your own Poppy and not have to order and wait for it arrive from Europe – awesome. Not only can you buy the normal glass jar version but KUDA also stock a good selection of the card versions. If you want a decent gift or want to give your loved ones a decent idea for a gift this year, then click the following link to go straight KUDA’s Poppy page, where you can order online.

Go on, click HERE FOR POPPY’s.

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