Martins Moody Motor

Our 143 Scania Finished!

Now there’s a beauty! As these are the days of modern classics in the trucking world, along with other well loved late 90’s models, Scania’s 3 Series Streamlines must be among the best. Whether or not it would be your choice, I think it fair to say we’d all like to restore our favourite Diesel Daisy if we had the time and money. So for those who have got the money (or not as they may claim), rebuilding a 143 500 just had to be done. What a good job too! But then again what did you expect from the combination of top independent Scania sales man, Mick Moody and top canal boat builder Guy Martin (apparently now and again he rides a bicycle with a motor on it too). The end result is some thing along the lines of a near on brand new truck, which I hasten to add is for sale if your interested, but be prepared for a nearly new price too. Justified in my opinion as where can you buy a virtually brand new 143?……Exactly. Any way after another of our little chats, Mr Moody told me of a little video of Guy, talking about the rebuilding of said Swedish beauty. I have put the video on here but if you search the YouTube for “Guy Martin” you’ll see what else he gets upto inbetween mechanic-ing for Mr Moody. Great truck.

Scania are a Game Bunch!

Finally Scania have taken a step forward in the world of computer gaming. For all those gamers out there, young or old, you can now buy a game where you can actually drive a Scania badged truck, not just a non-badged looky-likey. This is what the Scania press release says;

Scania has given the Czech computer games publisher SCS Software the right to use its brand in the Trucks & Trailers simulation game.

Trucks & Trailers is currently available in editions for the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Russia, UK and the Nordic countries. See In September, SCS Software’s CEO Pavel Šebor was invited to DemoCentre in Södertälje and for the first time in his life drove an actual real truck, a 60 ton, V8 R730.

The game looks quite good and as always they do look more and more realistic. There are many different editions to choose from. It is possible to buy a version based on your country (in most cases), including a Right Drive UK Edition. So get it on your Christmas list, and you can enjoy the pleasure of driving the roads of the UK and Europe, a lot cheaper than buying your own truck!! You can also see a short video of the game on you tube;