Journey MAN reaches Journeys End


Well known to all the regular blog readers, here she is on her final delivery to mainland Europe. After 9 years service and 987,000KM under her belt, GB05 STE is seen above delivering to a new French Connection shop in Grenoble, France. I don’t think Steve Marsh could even begin to work out the amount of times he has driven GB05 over French soil but this the final trip was a nice little run to finish a fairly glamour career. This last trip started from Marshy’s Warrington base, with a run down to Leicester for 2 pickups, on to Purfleet for a 3rd collection before heading to Dover and then onward to Grenoble and the delivery point. Once empty it was time for a top up from the local Carrefour (see below),back up to Amiens to reload for Ellesmere Port, just a stones throw away from Warrington and home. A steady 2800KM later and the curtain was down on GB05′s European days. To say Steve and little MAN TGL have been some places is almost an understatement, having covered hundreds of thousands of miles together……..

Albania, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Rep, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Isle of Man, Italy, Luxembourg, Majorca, Malta, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Sardinia, Sicily, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Tenerife…….oh and the lsola del Giglio off the Italian Coast, you know the one where the captain parked his cruise ship on the rocks!



The days of Europe now over, there was still one more trip involving a ferry left to complete. Start, Warrington, load Worcester for same day delivery to Belfast and Newtownards in Northern Ireland. A typical job for Steve and GB05 STE completed with no fuss, pretty well the same since she was registered back in November 2005.


Finally Steve made the decision to update the ageing TGL for a newer Euro 6 version. It’s taken a year to put GB14 STE on the road (that’s another story!) but now she will be Steve’s new workhorse and GB05 is up for sale and available to go to a new home. If you have any genuine interest in buying Steve’s old steed then please email Steve; or you can leave a comment below with your phone number and I can pass it on. Not a lot more to say other than I’m sure Steve will agree that GB05 has been a good truck in general and I’m sure Steve will be pleased if GB14 is as reliable. I’d like to say a thank you to GB05 as it’s the truck that got me and Marshy in touch and it’s also the truck that have given MAN trucks a lot of social media coverage as both the truck and Steve have developed quite a fan base here on the blog. IA blog on GB14 STE will follow soon.



Kerbey Motors 70th Anniversary Model


I’ve had this delightful model announcement in from Ben Lord at Speedbird Promotions, the UK arm of Tekno if you like! Have a read and get ordering;

We’re delighted to announce a new Tekno model that will be released next year. Commemorating our 70th anniversary, we have commissioned Speedbird Promotions and Tekno to produce a replica of our flagship Scania R-Series Streamline truck. Packaged in a luxury display case, these models can be purchased from us for £109.95 including postage. All of these will be accompanied with a limited edition certificate that will be signed by Bim Mountain. The model is due for release in Summer 2015.

If you would like to reserve one of these, please e-mail​

Queen of the Outback


What an awesome looking rig! I think Australian trucks looks more imposing than the Americans, as in general the cabs sit higher due to the nature of some of the roads and tracks across the outback. This K’whopper is driven by a trucking mad woman called Clare. Last night I was Tweeting into the future and Clare was tweeting into the past. It was getting on for midnight Saturday night here in the UK but it was early Sunday morning down in Australia. I was lazing on the sofa watching the TV while @clarebear455 was trucking along some where 1200km north of Perth in Western Australia, the wonders of modern technology! Clare drives and polishes the gorgeous looking KW for her boss and who can blame her with such a fancy looking rig. The road train is powered by a 650hp Caterpilar power plant, pulling 3 articulated trailers, weighing in at approx 135,000kg and around 55 metres long, at this size Clare can still truck along at 100kph. Here in the UK it’s a different world entirely, max length is 18.75 metres on a drawbar (rigid truck with a trailer), 44,000kg on 6 axles, limited to 89kph. I know where I’d rather be, I’d happily swap 1000 cars on the M25 for 1000 kangaroos! If your on twitter follow Clare by searching for; @clarebear455

The Scania That Guy Built

Scania 143 - Moody International

So here it is people, the very truck that everyone’s man of the moment refurbished and rebuilt back to new condition is OFFICIALLY for sale. There have been a few rumours floating around on various social media, so lets put those all to bed and say that yes it is for sale. The Grimsby Gangster a.k.a. Mick Moody has confirmed that he is willing to sell his pride and joy….of course for the right money. The truck itself is a genuine left hand drive Scania 143 500 Topline Streamline new on the road in Switzerland in September 1996.

Scania 143 - Moody International

Scania 143 - Moody International

There is a fair amount of pedigree now attached to this truck as it was rebuilt by the one and only, bike racing, mad-haired, Spitfire building, all-round nice bloke, new Fred Dibner, truck mechanic extraordinaire Mr Guy Martin. This has been well documented by everyone and there is even a video of Guy and the truck available to watch by clicking on the YouTube video below. We now know that Guy’s mechanical engineering skills are no longer just good enough to be a race motorbike builder or an amazing truck mechanic but he is also an accomplished Spitfire builder too. I have never seen the truck in person but for me, with the fact that Guy has rebuilt it, I can only imagine that it has been given his usual complete and utter attention and laid back professionalism…..I would think that if you ask nicely when you pick it up from Grimsby you might even be able to get Mr Martin’s autograph somewhere on the truck.

The truck is like new and there really are only a few trucks out there that have been refurbished back to a new condition. The main reason being the cost. Cost has not been much of a priority with this one as it was more important just to get it right and make it as it should be. The full spec of the truck is as follows;

Scania 143-500 Topline Streamline
Air con
12 speed box
632.000 kms from new
Euro 2 – invoice here for conversion
Michelin tyres
Alcoa Durabrites
Twin air horns
Twin Eminox exhausts
Fully restored
Every nut and bolt new
Even new foam behind front grill
New everything Ben…..and of course rebuilt by our maverick Guy Martin!!

Scania 143 - Moody International

Scania 143 - Moody International

A couple of extra notes, it had its first MOT in August and it passed with flying colours. Also the personalised number plate will be removed before going to any new home. How much is it?, I hear you all asking amongst yourselves…..

Offers over £45,000 – tyre kickers not required!!

If you are seriously interested then please contact Mick Moody to discuss further and make sure you mention you saw it on Truckblog!

Office: 01472 345600
Mobile: 07802 225585

Volvo FH V Koenigsegg


Volvo Trucks marketing have done it again!! A super bit of Swedish marketing along with the one of the best drivers in the UK, Mr Tiff Needell. This time Tiff is taking an FH 540 around a Swedish race track and having rather a lot of fun in the process. The only thing about the video is that lucky Tiff gets to drive the big Volvo in a derestricted state, something that all (most!?) drivers can only dream about these days. Have a little read of the press release below. The idea behind the crazy Needell-ness is to promote Volvo truck’s new dual clutch gearbox, it does look very smooth!!

An eight-tonne Volvo FH against one of the world’s fastest cars – a Koenigsegg One:1. This is the scenario in Volvo’s new YouTube film, ‘Volvo Trucks v Koenigsegg’. The aim is to put the new I-Shift Dual Clutch gearbox – based on a technique used in sports cars – to the ultimate test.

In the film a Volvo FH comes up against a Koenigsegg One:1, with as much horsepower as weight kilos (1360), making it the world’s first mega-car. In order to stand a fair chance, the Koenigsegg received a handicap which means that it drove two laps of the Knutstorp race track in southern Sweden, whereas the Volvo FH tractor unit only drove one lap. Despite this, the conclusion is still unpredictable. The purpose of the race is to put the new Volvo I-Shift Dual Clutch gearbox to the ultimate test.

“I-Shift Dual Clutch has a dual-clutch, which is quite unique in the heavy vehicles market. However, similar technology is already in sports cars. Therefore, this was the perfect challenge,” said Jeff Bird, Press Test Director at Volvo Trucks. The similarities between the Volvo FH truck with I-Shift Dual Clutch and sports cars include includes a driveability that comes with seamless gear shifting and this is no more evident than at this circuit, which is known for its hilly terrain and demanding turns.

“It may sound like a different environment for a heavy truck, but the fact is that – thanks to its dual-clutch – I-Shift Dual Clutch is most useful in conditions that require a lot of shifting. The gearbox’s seamless shifts improve driveability tremendously,” said Jeff Bird.

Behind the steering wheel of the Volvo FH is the experienced motor racing personality Tiff Needell. Without revealing the results, Tiff – who had never raced in a truck before – admits that he was impressed by the performance of the vehicle.

“I-Shift Dual Clutch is absolutely incredible. It is particularly noticeable on slopes, the truck does not hold back – it just flows smoothly, without the gear changes being felt. When you brake, it switches down very softly and comfortably. The truck definitely has the heart of a sports car,” says Tiff Needell.

Volvo Trucks’ new dual-clutch gearbox was launched in Europe last June and is available on Volvo FH with Euro-6 D13 engines at 460hp, 500hp and 540hp ratings.

FH leading Koenigsegg

Photos of Jordan


Sorry, photos from Jordan. The one thing that never ceases to amaze me is who is actually reading the blog around the world. You can keep up with it on the www, twitter or Facebook in any country you can get the internet in. I recently had a message from Mahmoud Al Shogran from Jordan. Mahmoud sent across a few photos of some Mercedes-Benz trucks which seem to be quite popular in Jordan and quite nicely done up too.


The trucks look like they are from Holland and Germany as do some of the trailers. Plenty of lights and bull bars seem to be popular, probably good for stray livestock or camels. Not sure what VOSA would say to the screen full of flags and the like!



Doesn’t matter where in the world you are, but if you have your own or if you just love trucks I’d love to see them all. Email me, or tweet me @truckbloguk and I’ll post your photos of your local trucks. More the better!!

Vintage Vehicle Auction – 1st November

A little short notice but there is a decent looking Vintage vehicle auction coming up this weekend. Saturday 1st November at Donnington Park in Leicestershire. The auction has a number of vintage vans and trucks, all of which appear to be in very good condition. The auction is being held by auctioneers Thimbleby & Shorland and if you want to see the catalogue then click HERE.