Artistic DutchMAN

For fans of MAN trucks, I suggest you visit the Dutch MAN dealer website; it gives details of me MAN trucks that have been supplied across the Netherlands. Being a lover of a TGL LX I was pleased to come across this new TGL that has been supplied to Kortmann Art Packers and shippers

Type:TGL 8.180 BL en TGM 12.290 BL

Klant: Kortmann Art Packers & Shippers

Vestiging: MAN Hoofddorp

“The vehicles will be used for the transport of art throughout Europe. The trucks are being supplied with LX cab, automatic gearbox, large fuel tanks, GPS and alarm, the closed container is equipped with cooling, heating, tailgate and security. We wish Kortmann lot of fun with the new guys!”

Big Boys Toys

I have a son who is 5 years old and for a couple of years now he has been the proud owner of a Bruder Toys fire engine. It’s a big bugger and takes up a fair amount of space but what I really admire are the working parts. The turn-table ladder extends up to over a metre, the stabiliser legs extend out and take the weight off the wheels and best of all there is a fully functioning and usable water pump that shoots water out of the long rubber hose. If there was a small fire in our house I have no doubt that this machine would easily cope with the emergency. If you watch the first video above then could easily be forgiven for thinking that it’s a promotional video about the Arocs range by Mercedes-Benz!

This leads me nicely onto another chance mention of Bruder Toys I had on a training course at work. One of our top trainers who works with people all across the UK and is is regular liaison and consultation with those at world headquarters in Germany, made me aware of the Bruder videos and was quite insistent that I have a good watch. Now I’m please to say that following Mr Nick Smiths advice, my son and I spent the best part of 30 minutes (father and son bonding time of course Mrs Blog!) watching through loads of videos on the Bruder YouTube channel, including the tractor and combine harvester ones, you’ve got to have a look. Not only are they big boys toys in the true sense of the phrase, they really are, or could be a useful working truck! If only they came radio controlled, now there’s an idea Bruder, then you really could have a fleet of working vehicles to help with the gardening or building jobs. The cement mixer can even pour out its load and the gritter below does actually spread grit out the back, what more could you want?? Oh you want it big enough so your gorilla hands don’t stop you playing, well as the 8 wheelers are over half a metre long I don’t think you’ll have an issue.

It just so happens that I have a birthday coming up in the next couple of weeks and for the first time in a good while I think I will have something affordable that I actually want on my birthday list. For boy or girls, for truck lovers, young farmers or what ever, I strongly recommend having a look at Bruder. If I get one for my birthday then I’m sure said truck will last for a good number of years and will get a few metres under its wheels on family jobs and beach holidays! Great work Bruder, now how about the radio controlled versions??…….


Making Hay

If your a Facebooker then there’s a good chance you’ve seen the project being undertaken by all at Phillip Judge International. The above Scania R620 is being fully converted to flat bed wagon and drag for carrying straw bales, tractors or what ever else you can carry on a flat bed (that’s quite a lot). The driver will be the one and only Will Pringle, yes he of other notable custom truck fame. As you can see the truck started life as a hydraulic loader and was bought from well known Dutch truck dealer VSB Groep

Over to Mr Pringle to tell us all we need to know;

“VSB stripped and fitted the new facelift grill and it had been to Steves Place (truck customiser in Holland) for the fitment of the changeover valve and pipe work also side pipe. Then James Burrow did the fitting of streamline corners additional lighting headboard roof rack and ladders,also rear bumper! The body was made by Euro Axles at Stoke on Trent. The chassis was extended by Northwest Commercials at Preston. The full paintwork was done by Ian Bone & sons and of course the airbrush work was done by Matt the painter. All the electrics done by Kev Larkin. Once finished at Bones’ it is going Coles Customs for full interior rebuild and the fabrication of lockers, tank wraps and various other little tweaks.”

What a change from how she started life back in 2008, a different country and a different way of life by all accounts; 

“Yeah I know, it’s originally from Norway and I think it was a fridge motor. VSB had just finished putting the cable lift side skirts bulbar and everything on it when we went to look at it in Holland.”

The truck is nearing completion and does now look close to what the finished show ready article will look like. Knowing a little bit about Will in sure he’ll be doing all he can get all the little touches done to the truck that will make it a cut above most of the rest. I look forward to seeing it when it comes out if the Coles Customs workshop. I will do another update as and when it appears and before it hits the road to claw back some of the cost of creating such an awesome working truck. 

p.s. The 3 series sun visor is a perfect match to the High Line cab. 

Czech This Bit of Blue

I know I know it’s another blooming BlueStream, but I just can’t help it. You know I get these infatuations with certain trucks and I certainly have the blues at the moment. On my way home down the A12 to Colchester and just as I’m about to come off at my junction there is this lay by which is where the 300 yard marker is for the junction. The lay by was empty and it’s a very clear night, I saw the back end of a very smart frigo trailer and the unmistakeable blue shine at the front end.. I went home and told the wife that I would be pooping out about 10pm once the traffic on the A12 quietened down. For what ever reason Mrs Blog doesn’t bat an eyelid when I say I’m going back to a darkened lay by, she knows why. For what ever reason my passion for trucks over takes and I just have to go back and try and get a photo. 

Now a truck photo in a lay by isn’t too much of a problem, or so you would think;

  1. The truck is at the end of the lay by
  2. The street lights are in the centre of the carriageway and finish about half way along the layby
  3. The layby is a drive through one with a small kerb separating it from the carriageway
  4. There is no light on the front grill of the truck
  5. My camera needs a tripod to take night photos
  6. There is still lots of traffic
  7. I don’t want the police to turn up thinking I’m about to run out on front of the traffic!

I managed to get some tips on how to use my camera through the Canon G12 group on Facebook. I still,have Mr Jensen Chua’s instructions saved on my phone and as you can see he knows his sh*t. They have come out quite well. All these photos have a 15 second exposure as there was no light at the front of the truck. Placing my camera on a tripod on the outside edge of the kerb of the lay by was the greatest idea nor was putting the camera in the middle of the drive through lane of the lay by………..but it was worth it, I’m very pleased with the results. Thanks Jensen and thanks to Neil Jarrold who suggested using the car lights to help, so I put the reverse lights on the car, in order to put a little light on the front grill. 

I think the reason why I love the BlueStream so much is purely the colour.  I seem to get blinkered by a gorgeous shade of blue and it seems to just lure me in. Romance isn’t dead Richie! Helped by being attached to a 730hp Scania V8 in this case, it really is a top looking motor. My only thoughts are it must look even more awesome all lit up, pity the driver was already in bed. The BlueStreams are available worldwide, but I wonder if this is the only one operated out of Czech Republic??