Scottish Blues

The first two Scania Bluestreams to go into service in Scotland have done so today with J&G Riddell from Alford, Aberdeenshire. The two big Swedes are both R730 Toplines with rear tag axles. Both trucks sporting a mix of Kelsa light bars  and all the goodies and switches in the cab. The trucks will be engaged on UK general haulage and timber work. Riddells do do some timber work so these two will be heading off road and into the Scottish forrests as well as pounding the Tarmac up and down the UK.  As most of you have already probably guessed both trucks were supplied new by Moody International

B.W.R. (Transport), Essex

B.W.R. (Transport), Essex – who can tell us anything about this company? A friend of the blog and blog contributor for that matter, is busy writing a top secret book and needs a little help.  B.W.R. are a company that were photographed alot through the 1980’s as they ran what I think was an all/mainly Volvo fleet. These two photos were taking by David Scarff and I know David took a few more of the red, white and blue Volvos. The only clues about the company are they must have been based in or around Basildon and both trucks have a Basildon phone number on the cabs. Please leave a comment below if you can shed any light, or email me; 

Wilson Wednesday…..WOW!!

Wilson Wednesday is back! Back with bang as well, a lot of entries this week from a lot of HC Wilson’s drivers including the illusive but awesome Arnie in R80 HCW. Now Arnie has a bit of a reputation for not hanging around for much so I was dead chuffed to get his photo in today, although please note that R80 seems to already be on its way out of its own photo! Seen here in France today heading down to Belfort. 

Next up is the “White Wilson”, WIL2217 driven by Matt Lamb. Seen here in Wilson’s yard loaded with Caterpilar D6 heading upto to Cannock. Seeing as it’s the only white truck on the fleet, Matt is often mistaken for being an owner driver, but I can confirm he is a fully fledged, long serving Wilson driver. The Scania R620 was already heavily customised when Wilson’s bought it off the South Wests original owner driver Tim Rigby, but driver Matt has added his own touch and keeps the red wheeled V8 is tip top condition. 

N5 HCW driven and co piloted by husband and wife team, Dave and Sue Ramm. Quickly, happy belated birthday to Sue. The big Scania R580 was on relative locals today but never the less still earning her keep and pulling some big machinery about south Essex and North Kent. The lump below is and industrial press weighing in at 110,000kg and standing at 4.38m tall, it was slightly more taxing than the 15,000kg piece above. 

Above is SW51 HCW driven by little Terry Alderton. Seen today on UK manoeuvres from Felixstowe to Pershore. Looks to me like this was lifted from a flat rack onto to Terry’s trailer as that’s clearly not Terry’s high standard of sheeting!

Another R480 Topline below driven by Nick Garlick. I bet Nick was dead chuffed to see the delivery point for his packing cases was near the Dead Sea. Unfortunately it’s only going as far as Felixstowe although I know Nick would have been more than happy to take it overland, it’s only 22 ton and 3.3m wide, a boys load. Well if Nick had started heading east it would have made a great tale. I quoted on a number jobs out to Turkey and even Azerbijan in my time at Wilson’s. For me that’s when it all start getting romantic, big red truck heading east, crossing the Bosphorus into Asia, dust in your air vents and cook ups with the locals, random animals in the road, oh the romance of the road!………………..Pity nick was only heading to Suffolk.

Above and below is part time driver turned office Waller James Cartwright out and about in HC Wilson’s gracefully ageing V8 HCW. More packing cases heading for Felixstowe, at least the UK seems to exporting something. The big case stands at 4.05m high on the floor so one of Wilson’s super low step frames was required to keep it under the UKS height limit of 5 metres. Wheels need a polish JC!

Above and below we have 2 of Wilson’s finest engaged on importing packing cases this time. Both loaded from Felixstowe to Melksham at 4.25m wide. As you can see they were escorted by an accompanying van as the law dictates for all loads over 3.5m wide in the UK. Both Doris DAF and the European Charger have their own Facebook pages, so click on the links and like the pages to start following their activities. Great photos taken by driver Steve Pattison below, with the moody skies against the red trucks it almost looks a bit arty. 

Not all the trucks are on UK work, two of the big boys are out on the continent bringing a pair of transformers back from Germany to Hertfordshire. N50 HCW is a 150ton GVW tractor unit driven by Graham Daniel and WIL 2580 is a 250ton tractor driven by the one and only John Stocks. WIL 2580 is a bit of legend in my own book. The best part of my time at HC Wilson saw WIL 2580 tramping to and from Austria with 90 odd ton of cargo on her back every few weeks. Bearing in mind every time she entered Germany from Austria both truck and trailer had to pass a German TÜV test (MOT type test carried out by the Germans) at the border before the long run back up through Germany, this truck has well and truly earned her name of European Giant. 

Two great photos of N6 HCW driven by Garreth Rowlands, loading out of a multi million pound development in London SW18 today. Great photos showing the dismantling of a tower crane, note the chap in his high viz right above the counterweight at the top of the tower crane. Some view from up there I reckon. N6 is one of the newest vehicles on the Wilson fleet.  The truck is an R560 V8 Scania, which by day looks like another in the long line of red trucks with the big white “W” on the front. But by night she looks a real treat, LED lights to the front, a fully lit big white “W” on the front grill, rear cab perimeter lights and a smaller red “W” mounted at the top of the back of the cab. 

Escort driver Sully sent the photo below in today. Three of the Wilson trucks loaded here in Immingham heading to Lesmahagow, Scotland. All loads over length and over width. 

Last but by no means least we have 3 photos taken by Simon Wilson himself. I have to say they are pretty good photos SW. Especially good is the one of N7 HCW below. A good looking truck with a well matched  trailer and load, all colour coded too. Even though they weren’t all taken today the following 3 photos were taken by Simon Wilson himself. In my book that covers any technicalities over not being out on the road as they are all his trucks anyway! 

Great photos all round today and a big thank you to all drivers who participated, as always it’s much appreciated. 

V8 Italian Stallion

Last night I found the only positive to the ridiculous roadworks on the A12 just south of the Copdock interchange at Ipswich. As I joined the southbound A12 in the stupid 40mph zone I found the only positive thing about it, I had to sit next to this gorgeous Italian Scania R730 with matching frigo semirimorchio. As I opened my window to listen to the purring V8 I turned the radio off and enjoyed the sound. I have to say as it was a 730 I have no idea if it was loaded or not but who cares it made the roadworks far more bearable. The front of the truck had various lights and spotlights but what I love about the Italians is the 3 sidelights in the Italian flag colours, a nice little touch! Really was an Italian with style and when she’s clean I bet she looks even better. Anyone know who’s she is??



The Kings of Heavy Telly


Hi Ben,
Would you like to spread the news that KINGS HEAVY HAULAGE have had a TV series made about them and the first program goes out this Friday at 9pm on Quest?

Here are more details…………………. We need as many people as possible to click the youtube link: HERE

On Friday 20th February you see the team here at Kings starring in our very own reality television series – SUPERTRUCKERS.
Find us on the Quest Channel (Freeview 37, Sky 167, Virgin 172)
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Kings Heavy Haulage are here to show you just how they earned the name ‘Supertruckers’ in this brand new Quest series. In each of the episodes the team are confronted with challenges of logistics and logic as they negotiate weird and wonderful objects around the familiar settings of the motorways of Britain.
SUPERTRUCKERS premieres every Friday at 9pm from 20th February.


For the team at Kings Heavy Haulage, no job is ever too big as the 25 strong team haul awkward, colossal and abnormal loads up and down the country.The six-part observational documentary follows Bristol-based, family run business, Kings Heavy Haulage as the truckers test themselves both physically and mentally in their quest to deliver difficult loads. The series is brought to life with the lively characters who are some of the most experienced truckers in the business.

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