Foden Keeping it in The Family


When you work with a woman who’s name is Foden what would you expect her to send you photos of?? Yep my thoughts exactly, something with wheels and an engine. It turns out that she might not actually be related to the Cheshire family but she is aware of her potential family heritage, although a bit of extra training may be needed. Anyway whilst Miss Foden was out for a romantic stroll round a boat yard in Woodbridge, Suffolk yesterday she came across this old beast. Miss Foden is clearly not mistaken by the slightly jaded family badge on the front grill but I have my suspicions to what the crane actually is. Anyone got any ideas to who the manufacturer is?? No doubt one of you has. 


The crane is still is regular use at the boat yard but could use a polish up next your up there Miss Foden. Also spotted in the boat yard is this rather nice, tidy and probably these days rare AEC Mercury. I have no idea what this would be used for in a boat yard so I can only imagine it’s been parked and left. Anyway top spotting Foden, I look forward to your next walk!

If anyone has any info on either truck please feel free to comment below.


Templeton O’Heck!!


Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together!! Mr John Templeton must be over the moon with his nearly finished brand new custom Scania. As most of you will know John Templeton is no stranger to a heavily customised truck, his last one being “Avatar“. The brief given to world famous airbrush artist, Matt the Painter, was; “It has to be busier than Avatar”.


I think that brief has been met don’t you?! Before we go any further all of these photos belong to Matt the Painter and I have his permission to use them. There are lots of people involved with such a massive project, from the boys at Coles Customs, Tor Trucks paint shop, an unnamed leather expert and of course Matt the Painter. So where do you start?……a blank canvas of course. 



The eagle eyed amoung you will notice not only custom paintwork but also a number of custom parts; modfied side skirts (note the 3 exhaust holes), a completely flat panel on the rear of the cab, what looks like a lower windscreen panel, also a pretty amazing lower front bumper, you might recognise some of the parts used in the make up. There will of course be a few more custom parts added, lights and bits and bobs, but the second biggest custom area will be a amazing interior. The interior has been fully lined with black, red and white leather, approx 7 or 8 hides have been used. The painting also carries on inside the cab. Matt says there were approx 64 Heros on the external panels of the truck but he has added more, inside he has painted at least 14 on the ceiling panels alone, not to mention 20 or so on the rest of the leather panels. So those super hero fans can get to finding and naming as many as you can when you see it at a show this year. One of the ideas behind the theme was to appeal to all ages, kids and parents alike should be able to find characters they recognise. Although he’s painted somewhere around the 100 hero Mark, Matt says he’s got 600 odd Heros to choose from! Every hero imaginable or you’ve ever heard of from a 1938 Superman through to a female Asia spider woman type, called Silk from 2014. 



In order to protect the truck and the paintwork the cab will get an initial 3 or 4 coats of lacquer, before having its first bake, then it’ll be flattened down before a further 3-4 coats of laquer, more flattening down, mopping and finally one hell of a polish up. The big 730 Scania will also have the chassis and wheel hubs painted too. I mentioned the three holes in the side skirt for a special exhaust system but I’m not going to say anymore. It sounds so unique you’ll have to see it for yourselves. 

So what’s your thoughts on such a mad cap idea?? For a start we all know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and I had said since I had my Atego airbrushed I preferred simple straightforward paint job but I have to say this is just amazing, I can’t stop looking at it. My good friend James coined the phrase “I can appreciate that” the other year. Meaning you know it’s an amazing motor but not your preferred taste. I have to say I’m right on the edge of turning my appreciation of this crazy multicoloured V8 into love and want!! You can’t deny its a one off, you can’t deny its already got people talking about it, you can’t deny it is a work of art! Whether you’d want to drive it everyday for what ever reason is a different matter, but I think I would…..

Mega Wilson Wednesday


We haven’t done a WW yet this year, so bows a perfect week to start this year off. To start us off these first three photos of WIL 2580, a real workhorse of a truck. See here loaded with a 90 odd ton box loaded from the Midlands for delivery this week out to the Netherlands. To do this type of work week in week out year after year not only requires a great truck but and a great trailer and of course a great driver! Thanks John. 


 John Pryke out in WIL 2217, on locals and returning some empty flat racks back to Felixstowe docks early this morning. Followed on by office staff number 1, Graham Wilson out and about getting his hands dirty in Doris DAF. I say hands dirty I mean an urgent load that needed to be covered from Chelmsford to Ely. Still more of a load than I have done in the last 2 years!

First of today’s Wilson subbies are a brace of Hewicks Haulage tidy Scania’s both pulling flat racks from Felixstowe upto the North East. Is it true you can only be a Wilson Subbie if you drive a Scania?!? 


Above and below is office staff 2 also out on the road today. James Cartwright on a couple of locals. Above some loaded from the HCW  yard at Elmswell upto a building site somewhere west of Norwich. Then after lunch (photo below) reloading another flat rack from Felixstowe and back to the yard. 


Above is N5 HCW a 150 ton Scania 8×4 tractor unit driven by husband and wife team Dave and Sue Ramm. Loaded here near Liege, Belgium for delivery upto the English Scottish Borders. Again not an easy job when your loaded with a vehicle that measures 8.05ML x 3.00MW x 3.91MH and weighing 31t.   


Taking a little break from it all is the most relaxed Subbie you’ll ever meet. Mr Tasker is seen here today with his unique Scania parked at Zuzenhausen (20km SE of Heidelberg) in Germany waiting to reload tomorrow for the UK. 


Next up is N9 HCW and pilot Little Terry Alderton. Seen here at P&O Ferries in Liverpool docks this morning, waiting for the ferry to Dublin. You may notice Mr Taskers second truck, driven by none other  than Colin Waters. Clearly Colin wasn’t as keen to catch the ferry as Terry. 


Above and below is Gareth Rowlands in N6 HCW. Reloaded in Aberdeen with agricultural trailers for delivery back down the east coast of England. If only all tips could be dragged off by a monster tractor!


The only drawbar on the fleet at HCW is W100 HCW, an A frame drawbar that is. Driven by the man that is John Franks. Now I can happily reverse an artic trailer anywhere you tell me without much fuss but Franksy will do the same with an A frame drawbar trailer and still make it look easier.  Loaded with 2.80m wide buildings in the UK for delivery today in Denmark. 


Last in today is Daisy DAF and driver Geoff. Nice to see Geoff at work, I am told he was taking a break from his holiday schedule to keep his hand in at the driving thing. At no point do I remember Judith Chalmers driving a truck so you’ve got one up on her Geoffrey!!

Thanks to all drivers who got involved today, lots of good photos. I started this in good time this evening but as I am now finishing it’s almost Wilson Thursday! 

North East South West

The North, East, South, West game is just a bit of fun. I thought as its Sunday night we’d enjoy our last few hours before going back to work tomorrow or this evening. It’s quite simple, all you’ve got to do where ever you are is list the furthest North, East, South and West you’ve driven in a truck. I’ve done this before but along time ago so if your new to TB please join in. As for me, here we go;

NORTH – Evanton, Scotland. (Photo above)

EAST – Königswinter, Germany

SOUTH – Paris, France

WEST – Penryn, Cornwall, England

The Centurion Book


What number Centurion is the above??

As some of you may know both Richard Payne and myself have been gathering information on the original 100 trucks that Scania GB released in 1991. Thanks to a lot of you truck buffs I have collated a lot of info but I could always do with more as we are still missing info on a lot of trucks and by that I don’t just mean there where abouts or what happened to them, but missing any info on the edition number at all. The original list I managed to lay my hands on was only a type-written list and was by no means anywhere near complete so there are lots of gaps and trying to find out what each blank edition number on the list is, is proving somewhat tricky, especially when the manufacturer themselves have no interest in the past what has made them into what they are today.

So to start with, can anyone shed any light what so ever on the following Centurions as we have no info, not even a model or cab type; 36, 37, 38, 39, 43, 54, 71, 72.


Onwards….As you will all be aware there are what only can called fakes out there and although they are all gorgeous trucks, they are. But what I want someone like you to clarify is if any of the following info/rumours are true, untrue, or what ever. This is a list of trucks that may or may not be Centurions;

AIG – J205 HGK 6X2  113 360?
J88 JBL – 143 450 6X2 – CENTURION?


The next thing we will need for the book is at least one photo of every truck, that’s a minimum of 100 photos, which will be a fair challenge as there are at least the 8 trucks I mentioned earlier may or may not even have been produced. There are loads of photos out there and I know as well we you do which photos have been around for a while. What I need to see are the photos which aren’t quite so main stream on the internet, whether its on Trucknetuk, Facebook or wherever, if there is a photo that you think isn’t already out there please, please email me a copy. My email address is and also please free to use this email for everything else Centurion. The one truck I am desperate to find a photo of is #021. This is the one and only P-Cab Centurion. Reg number is J2 FFM, sold by Scania dealer Reliable of Renfrew, it was a 4×2 sold to a Mr Andrew Malcolm. The first photo will win a few TB goodies! Now there’s an incentive.

The actual book writing is underway and I hope that it will make a good read, but this will only be possible with the amount and quality of info we can find out. This is down to you. Email me, leave comments below or send me a message on multimedia, but if you know anything please share it, it could make a link.