J777 RDF & J888 RDF


You will or won’t know that Richard Payne, Dion Anderson and myself are busy trying to track and trace as many of the original 100 Scania Centurions as possible. Any info please email: centurion@truckblog.co.uk

In my book the two best Centurions were #89 and #90, both belonging to Ralph Davies International. Bother trucks were LHD 143 450hp 6×2 tag axle Topline Streamlines, perfect. You can’t get a better looking wagon! What I really want to do is find out as much about these two as possible when they were in use in the UK. Do you know any of Davies drivers who piloted either of these trucks? How far have either truck travelled across Europe and Asia? Any photos, contact info or information will be highly appreciated.

I know where J777 is now but no one knows where J888 ended up. An acquaintance of mine owned J888 after Davies but we’re not sure where it went after he had it. Again any help would be great. Email me or leave a comment below.

Photos are from Facebook groups but credit to the photographers!


14 thoughts on “J777 RDF & J888 RDF

  1. hola, estoy averiguando si el scania 143 -450 del año 91 que tengo es centurión, ya que lleva la chapa ovalada en oro, cierre centralizado ,marcador de temperatura exterior ,visera transparente ,el numero no lo tengo ya que el camión lo compre de ocasión
    ustedes pueden facilitarme el número ?


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