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I found this article on a Dutch website called but there is no English version so I have translated it. Enjoy the translation and enjoy the article;

Unique MAN TGL volume combination for 120 m3 Sagar transport can now load pallets Leusden three layers, 29 april 2014-Sagar transport in the Drenthe recently put a unique combination Rolled in. It is a MAN TGL 12,250 Euro 6 rigid with reduced base and a Krone-trailer. The combination offers up to 120 m3 loading volume. The internal load height is up to a whopping 3.15 metres – enough for three layers pallets. The combination is mainly used for the transport of packaging material, such as empty drums of steel and plastic.


“There are few if any other distribution trucks – because that is the MAN TGL – that so many loading volume offer”, said Herman Weringa, Director of Sagar transport. “This particular combination is the result of the intensive cooperation between MAN-dealer Sommerauer Trucks in Westerbroek, Compaan bodywork in Assen and Krone Trailers in Germany. For our environmental performance, we wanted a loading space in which we could carry in three layers and pallets that is so successful. CO2 emissions per pound of cargo that goes down. That suit corporate social responsibility (CSR) that we have made in our business operations with a view to the ISO 14001 certification. ”
17.5-inch wheels the chassis of the MAN TGL 12,250 and of the Krone trailer is very low thanks to the Assembly of 17.5-inch wheels. That makes a higher building possible. The combination is equipped with a hydraulically adjustable roof. Weringa: “the driver can choose from three heights. By default, the height in the cargo compartment 3.05 metres, but the roof is in two steps to 3.10 and up to 3.15 meters. That offers just what more latitude. Moreover, the roof to bring up another 40 inches to easy to load without damaging the roof. ”
Twelfth MAN the MAN TGL-combination goes to customers in the Benelux countries and in Germany. He also performed with a sleeper cab. It is the latest addition to the fleet of Sagar transport, which consists of 45 vehicles. Three years ago became the first MAN deployed. The TGL-combination is the twelfth MAN in the fleet. Weringa: “the man’s TGX.
The trucks gave birth to good, in terms of both consumption and reliability. Also very important is the customized service, which has shown once again at the dealer Sommerauer delivery of the new MAN TGL.


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