Mega MAN


I was trying to think of some clever title with MAN in but it seemed a waste of what little brain power I have. Mega MAN says all you need to know. Every now and again I get an email that makes me think “Wow!”, which these days takes a bit more effort than a few years ago. If any nation can impress you in the world of trucks, our crazy Dutch cousins will always be right at the top of the list. It seems that the people at Becx TDS Racing may be 100% nuts! Click below and watch the video, that saves me writing loads of pointless words to try and impress you with…..I’ll stop.

Good eh?! What a beast and did you hear that turbo? No? then go play it again and come back in a minute………


Now for the info straight from Edwin Kuijpers from Becx-TDS Racing………Two beahrs pleassh!

It is originally a MAN TGS18.480

We changed the complete chassis and shortened it at the front so the wheels are on the corners. The cabin is put lower and backwards on the chassis. (like the Brazilian racetrucks). The engine is gone 50 cm back in the chassis to get a good weight balance (60/40%)

The engine is a special race engine from MAN motorsport in Germany a delivers 1100HP and 5500Nm of torque. If we want we can put the power up to 1600HP en almost 7000 Nm of torque.

The top speed is >215 Km/h and the acceleration is 0-100Km/h. A set of tyres is gone in about 4 minutes of intensive driving and drifting. The truck is build complete build by our own team, and took 7000 hours in about a year.

Hope I send you enough information, otherwise you can see our website:


Hopefully we will hear more from Edwin and the others at Becx-TDS Racing. I am also hoping that they will do another video soon and even better perhaps they can do a video at Truckstar Festival in a few weekends time, just like last year.


2 thoughts on “Mega MAN

  1. Nice blog, the trucks looks awesome, this is very good place for truckers. MAN Becx has very powerful engine, as the infromation is given that its top speed is 200km/hr. i like trucks very much, it is my dream to have my own BIG Truck..


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