Scania Scania Scania

Trevor Starkes - Scania 143

Wife: Lets go and look at this posh kitchen place
Me: No ta its the hottest day of the year
Wife: But its only round the corner from my parents
Me: yea yea ok what ever makes you happy, light of my life

1 hour later we drove into a small industrial area in deepest Essex:

Me: I wonder who’s Fowler Welch trailer that is?
Wife: WTF?!
Me: Holy smoke its only bloomin Trevor Starkes 143!!

Trevor Starkes - Scania 143

A mere snap shot of the every day influences trucks have on my home life! Lucky for me the wife has given up paying any attention. I knew that Trevor Starkes was based around there some where and actually I had been past this place before and not seen the gleaming legend that is the Scania 143 owned and operated by Trevor Starkes. A name well know to those in and around the trucking circles of London and Essex, there have been many a classy motor bearing the name, but none quite so awesome as this aging Swedish Supermodel.

Trevor Starkes - Scania 143

Some of you would have seen Trevor in one of the magazines earlier this year, so most of us know that the big V8 is still regularly doing continental work. Mainly fridge work but still keeping the wheels turning on an older truck is these days becoming a harder business than in years gone by. What with low emission zones, euro class emissions rated tax and tolls, it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep the older generation running across the water. I know the Irish are still keeping the dreams of many older trucks alive, as are the Greeks, but even so its not easy. Hats off to Mr Starkes and I just wish there were more gorgeous old trucks like this lurking in yards a few miles from the in-laws house!! I hope Trevor didn’t mind me taking a few snaps when he wasn’t there, but lets face it, I certainly am not the only truck perv to take a photos of the old girl and I certainly won’t be the last………..Trevor, Mr Starkes if you get to read this please can you book yourself in the Gathering of the Griffin Truck Show that is being held at the Orwell Truckstop, Ipswich on the last weekend of September. Its a Scania only show and if any of you want to enter please call organiser Rob Bilman for your entry forms: +44 7903 155898.

Trevor Starkes - Scania 143

Oh and no she’s not getting a new kitchen.

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