MAN Hunt


Seeing as you are all so good at this detective lark, here’s you next assignment. Many moons ago I had a delightful and bloody hardworking MAN 8.163 which you may have heard me talk about once or twice before. It was such a good truck I rely didn’t want to let her go but needs must and all that. So when we parted company I sold her to dealer, Paul Binns Commercials. From there she ended up being cut down to a flatbed and was then used by a subbie delivering wooden sheds and things for Walton Garden Products.


What I wanted to do was trace her life after her days on the sheds. I have checked the DVLA vehicle search and she hasn’t been taxed since 2008 and it says the truck has been exported. I’d love to track it down to where it was exported too, if its an island some where there’s a chance of finding it but if its Russia or something then there is no chance.


First things first, I need to speak with the Walton Garden Buildings subbie. I am told his name was Simon Wainwright and came from Nottinghamshire some where. If you know anything about the truck or Simons whereabouts please can you email me or leave a comment, I’d love to find her, even better I’d love to see her now. I have one man on the search but he is man that’s in the category of ex Walton drivers so I’m quite hopeful. If you can add something positive then please do, surely one of you knows some thing. Truck reg was V413 KPU and was fitted with a Hatcher sky cab.


Before you truck off, why not leave a comment....

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