Activ Cars Spezialtransporte, Achim, Bremen

Right here we go again. Those who know me will know that i am not one to give up on some thing I want. Now for a good while I have been trying to get more photo’s and info about this lot as they don’t have a website. I did email them once and i did get a good reply with a couple of yard photo’s, but as you have guessed I want to get more of both! Activ Cars operate out of Achim, Bremen, Germany. They have a good looking fleet of Mercedes, mainly Atego’s. Perhaps my new friends at Mercedes Benz UK can even get in on the detective trail, surely there are some German colleagues you can contact?? Activ travel all over the continent and even regularly come to the UK. The main stay of there work seems to be for Airbus, delivering parts to manufacturing plants, such as Frankfurt, Toulouse and Broughton near Chester.

Activ Cars

Now, I have done an appeal before for your spots as you go about your daily drives, and we did get a couple of spots, one at Killingholme Dock and another up the M6, possibly heading for Broughton. I am going to try my luck by emailing the email address I have and hope the staff at Activ Cars don’t ignore my email. Now this is where you lot come in, while i’ll do the emailing, I need you lot to keep your eyes peeled and send me any photos you manage to get of Activ Cars mini artics on the road. Ideally one of you will find an Activ truck parked up and you can ask the driver to email me, or via the Truckblog Facebook Page. In fact who ever send’s in the best NEW photo of one of these trucks, will win a sticker. In my previous searches I even put a thread on and did get some response, but i have renewed this Mini German Artic thread in the hope it too might get some new feedback.

Activ Cars 16.09.2010.jpg

Activ Cars A14 West 16/09/10

Just look at the backdoors, they have a lovely gap at the bottom for a nice new Navy Blue truckblog sticker! The detective work starts now, so best bi-nock-u-lars on and get detecting my loyal spotters. Hopefully now we have a load of new European friends reading the blog we may be able to spread the hunt further and wider than before and we may even get some results. Just imagine if an employee of Activ Cars got to hear about the search, they might email me direct!! Remember my email address is

Activ Cars A14 West 16/09/10

Activ Cars

2 thoughts on “Activ Cars Spezialtransporte, Achim, Bremen

  1. I have, today, taken some pictures of one of their mini-artics. Unfortunately, I had to take them through the windscreen, so the quality is rather poor. I can’t remember Mrecs. designation for it but it is the van before the Sprinter. I can send you a copy, if you really want.


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