Good title for the piece i think. My effort was going to be White Van MAN, but i have been overruled by both the wife and Marshy. A recent trip to Hamburg for the famous Steve Marsh Express 12 Ton MAN, was an automotive based round trip vehicle fest. The export load was parts, stock and bits and pieces for the new Mclaren road car. Delivered to a posh car dealer in Hamburg and at the same time an Ontime Automotive Mercedes Atego delivered a the actual car. I have got pics of the car rolling out of the Ontime truck, but i’m sorry to say this is a TRUCK blog not a car blog, so those pics are banished to the photographic vault.
Unfortunatley this Hamburg delivery was part of a round Europe run that Marshy missed out on. Originally Steve quoted on a run starting in Paris and then on to deliver to Brussels, Hamberg, Zurich, Milan, Monaco and finally Marbella. In the end SMEX did the Paris one week and then Hamburg the following. Not quite the same as the big run but good fun all the same.
As always after a delivery there needs to be a reload. Some how with all of his contacts Steve doesn’t seem to fail on the reloading front very often. This time round a very photogenic reload was the order of the day. A complete Transit Van shell from Geeste, Germany back to the Ford Factory in Basildon, in truckblogs very own home county of Essex. Now i dont know about you but i’d say that it was rather a good fit.


Just look at those shiny wheels disc’s! Just as a note for all of our older readers, isn’t it nice to see a well equiped proper tilt?! Expertly stripped and prepped for loading, even a propper step ladder to aid our driver in his efforts, it’s almost a forgotten art, like roping and sheeting!


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