Mini Artics

Dear Readers,

So far the info regarding mini artics has been a little sketchy to say the least. I have been trying to find out, what the weight combinations on these vehicles are. I NEED YOUR HELP!?
So far, i think it is fare to say that you can obviously have a minimum gross weight of 7.5 or 12 tons depending on what you require. This mini MAN artic is based on having a Gross Vehicle Weight of 12 tons, actually MAN’s are usually plated at 11,990kg. This particular one come’s from a German body builder and mini artic manufacturer called Pagenkopf. They claim that there trailer with an MAN TGL sleeper cab can still achieve a 5.500kg payload, which obviously means that the truck is designed to run at 11,990kg. This is also given away by the fact they call it “Maut-killer”, all vehicles under 12,000kg GVW dont have to pay the German Maut charges. The other thing I found yesterday on a quote for a 12 tonner from MAN was, they state the maximum Train Weight of a 12 tonner to be 24,000kg.

MAN mini Artic

MAN mini Artic

You may be wondering why i dont just ask MAN or Mercedes what the weight set up is. Well I have. MAN haven’t got back to me and Mercedes Benz UK have said they are on the case, so hopefully I will here some thing back, from one or both.

Activ Cars run these Mercedes Atego’s as you will be bored of reading by now. But they badge on the door say’s this is an “823” meaning 8 tons, 230 bhp. So how do they get away with pulling 11 and 13 metre long trailers behind. They can’t be using the GVW of 8 tons, so they must be going on the Train weight……………………..oh no i’ve gone boss eyed!!

Activ Cars

For a minute there I almost sounded like a right anorak! Can you shed any light on the mini artic debate?? If so email me, or leave your USEFULL comments below.

1 thought on “Mini Artics

  1. Hi, your post is really interesting! Does this mean in the uk for a car license holding (pre 1997) , the combined weight of the trailer+truck is 12 tonnes unlaiden? We are looking into building our own rv moile home but have no wish to go through another license trial by fire ( the bike one was bad enough!) Perhaps you can clarify when time. cheers mark


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