Last Call for Scania Centurions

The Centurion book is being written. Yes it’s taken a few years but Richard Payne and myself are happy that we have almost all the info we can get our hands on…..for now anyway. Many of you have helped and many of you have contributed both information, leads and photos. The current plan is to have the book ready to launch early next year ready for the 30th anniversary of the Centurion.

Please have a think and if you have any thing else to offer (unseen photos would be great) such as information on any of the 6 Unknown’s that would be awesome. As it stands we have no information on original owner s for just 6 of the 100 trucks. That said we have 2 trucks we can’t allocate numbers two although we know they are legitimate Centurions.

Above is a beast of a Centurion we believe was new to Mr Peckham as pictured above. I have spoken to the 2nd owner today and he is sure Mr Peckham was the first owner and then he bought the truck 2nd hand when the truck was just over a year old. That said we still need to know the number of the Mr Peckham / Road Route Ltd flying machine.

Next on the unknown number list is this one. Owned at this point by Stephen Sanderson Transport, having spoken with Mr Sanderson he can’t remember the number either, but he thinks he was the second owner and we believe that this truck was new to AW Jenkinsons at Penrith but again nobody seems to know the number.

We also have the below 143 500 belonging to Blairmore. We made contact but have heard no more. Does anyone know any more about this truck please?

The 6 missing trucks are the following numbers; 036, 037, 039, 043, 054 and 067.

Without being a plonker, can I please ask you to think about what you know as we have an awful lot of info and know all the basics and don’t really want to go back through everything again but this is easier said than done. As we all know anything is easy once you know the answer. We need plenty of photos for alsorts of numbers as I said earlier, but again all the common photos are readily available on the internet. If you have anything that you feel may not have been seen or is your own photo then please email me and I can credit you in the book. My email;

Finally we have a cut off of the 1st of June in order to get everything written and ready for the start of the publishing process. Please email me on the above of make contact through the blog or social media of some kind. Thank you all!!

13 thoughts on “Last Call for Scania Centurions

  1. Good evening, TEPs, Trans European port services had one I remember, sorry don’t remember the number.


    Mark Hunsley


  2. Hi I have a Scania 143m 500 4×2
    k340 pkk R type cab. If any o e has information on this truck please let me know what info you know of it as not any information from new and 5 years from new thanks


  3. You’ve need to do some research on 007. Aka J578 LGB. I used to drive it and still have the weird double mirror arms that were on it from new when owned by Kerr and Douglas Towler. Been told by one of the Compton’s of Poole that a driver nicked the badges off it when they had to shut down quick to avoid being shut by the ministry.


  4. I had the pleasure of being the driver to pick up a brand new centurion, J500 pjk, 143-500,owned by pjk European based on the iow. And Portsmouth, it used on European work transporting McDonald’s products all over Europe to distribution centers and transporting fruit back to the UK. Its number was 57,yhe year Paul Kingsley was born(pjk), I still have the leather washbag that was part of the driver goodies that came with the lorry. I am sure I have plenty of photos if you are interested.

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  5. My brother Kevin Creighton use to own no28 j282gvv ex Robbie burns 143 400 streamline centurion would be nice to know who owns this now regards Paul Creighton.


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