Tyretracks of Eccleshall

Tyretracks of Eccleshall

Tyretracks is a name that most of you would have heard of, Chris Hopton and his merry team supply Alloy wheels to all of us truckers who are lucky enough to be able to afford a bit of shine to our trucks. It’s not just wheels though, these days you can buy allsorts of stainless steel accessories for various trucks. I was lucky enough many years ago to get a tax rebate and I thought I’d treat my little MAN to a set of 17.5inch Speedline alloys. They transformed the truck and also saved a bit of weight, why not do the same for your own truck???…….

V413 KPU - MAN 8163 (70)

Along with the various truck accessories that are available from the Tyretracks website, Chris Hopton has always been a truck fan and there has always been a pro-mo show truck lurking in the Tyretracks shed. The Torpedo at the top is one of Chris’s creations (it then went to Frank Hudson transport and is now owned by JG Riddell) as are the trucks below, all quite well known. Much to my delight the 141 is ex ACH, it was originally a 4×2 but was converted by/for Wharfedale Traction I think. It has since ended up in the sheds of Scotlee Transport in Scotland so perhaps we will see it again. The 143 has also lived a well documented life, starting out with well know Owner Driver Graham Cordiner, then being owned by CDC Truck Accessories and now Paul Binns. The 142 is Chris’s personal favourite and also the one that he wishes he had kept, it is currently residing down in Poole. I have to say I love the way Chris knows where all his ex trucks are now. All the trucks were developed to promote the business and the products that tyretracks sell as well as satisfying Mr Hopton’s love of trucks!

Tyretracks of Eccleshall

Tyretracks of Eccleshall

Tyretracks of Eccleshall

A current favourite with all you customisers are the light up headboards to go on the front of your trucks above your windscreen. These headboards have been about for a long time and one of the original manufacturers are a company from Denmark called SRI. I can vouch how good they are as I had one on my 141 when I restored it, although I had to buy it direct from Denmark which wasn’t easy. I had one of the Classic square boards and once it was sign written it was awesome! If the two other newer versions are any where near as good as the Classic…….Original is best and all that;

Lite Test (30)

“These headboards are manufactured in Denmark by SRI and are one of the very best headboards currently available. They are available in 3 styles in a range of sizes (From 200mm x 1050mm to 400mm x 1600mm) so you are almost certain to find the one that will suit your taste. LED lighting is also available if preferred.”

SRI Signs

“There is the AERO Sign® which is the traditional style deep Danish headboard, the AERO Slim® which is a modern take on the traditional Aero Sign, being slimmer and smoother in design and then there is the CLASSIC Sign® which is in the style of the fabulous 1970’s / 1980’s style headboard. You can also be assured that if you do happen to have a mishap then spare parts for these Headboards are also stocked. Prices start from £300.00 + vat and as most sizes are stocked they can be shipped for next day delivery, although collection from Tyretracks Head Office in Eccleshall, Stafford is also no problem.”

Tyretracks of Eccleshall

That’s almost it for now although we will all be seeing and hearing a little more from Tyretracks during 2015. Good news came a few weeks back that Chris and Tyretracks have signed up to sponsor next years Retro Truckshow at Gaydon in September. On top of that I think I have almost convinced Chris to come to the Gathering of the Griffin show in Ipswich next year, seeing as he is a big Scania fan. This leads nicely to more good news that due to pressure from his son, Chris has given in and bought another project. Above is a very tidy Scania 144 530 V8 with a proper sleeper cab, that will hopefully make it on the show circuit next year. There are plenty of plans for the aging V8 but I won’t spoil it, so you’ll have to wait and see! Tyretracks are a family firm and you’ll be well looked after if you need their services. As well as the website there is also a Tyretracks Facebook Page for those who are that way inclined.

#flattopsareback         #retroromanceoftheroad

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