Assen Trip……1 Week to Go

Assen NL 2009 (76)

! week to go until I finally go back to Truckstar Festival Assen in the Netherlands. I went way back in 2009 and have been trying to go back ever since. Why? Well if you ever went then I can almost guarantee you, you wouldn’t enjoy Truckfest ever again. For me Truckstar is my Mecca! It’s just trucks, trucks, trucks and perhaps a few trucks on the side. No crappy stalls selling chunky garden furniture or stalls selling binoculars and telescopes, it is just a TRUCK show, take note Live promotions!

Assen NL 2009 (367)

Assen NL 2009 (279)

Assen NL 2009 (21) HCW 141

This time around I will be taking HC Wilsons Scania 141, yes thank you and yes I am a lucky bugger. Off on next Thursday night Stenaline boat from Harwich to the Hoek of Holland, then a quick trip to the Tekno model factory, followed by a steady drive up to Assen in the north of Holland. That’s about it really, I have no idea how but I will try and update the blog, or the blog Facebook page from my phone or even the TB Twitter if I can. If you see a odd looking chap with a Tin Tin haircut and a TB T-shirt, it’ll probably be me, so please say hello. Other than that I hope I can update you, although my updates just won’t do the show justice. If you really are a truck lover then you must make the effort and go to this show at some point in your life. These pics here are just a few from my trip in 2009, but to see the rest just click HERE.

UJN Assen 2009

Finally a pic of my beloved Scania 141, that made my 1st trip to Assen just awesome. I still miss the truck but hopefully one day I can return to Assen with another classic V8, yea one day there will be another!

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