Somebody Knows This 111

David Scarff 230213 (712)

As some of you know I am slowly scanning many of David Scarffs photos and let me tell you there are 1000’s! Quickly flicking through the latest batch, this Scania 111 stuck out like a sore thumb. Taken as it was approaching the bottom of Jubilee Way, Dover heading for a boat. What i’d love to know, like many other photos in Scarffies collection, is who’s was it and what happened to such a good old girl. Surely it was an Owner Driver? FOO 146T, a Scania 111, 6×2?, and what a paint job, very smart for its day. A roof rack full of kit and some super smart “Bus” trims on the wheels. A very clean and tidy frigo box behind, actually you could be forgiven in saying that both truck and trailer look fairly freshly painted. Unfortunately I can’t quite make out the drivers face, so it’s down to your expert knowledge. Leave your comments below or send me a quick email: and hopefully we can name who ever was in charge of such a good looking girl. According to the DVLA the truck ran out of tax back in 1990, so another lost to the big scrapyard in the sky. T reg vehicles were launched on the road in 1978 and the reg FOO was originally registerd in Chelmsford, Essex………..Over to you……….

1 thought on “Somebody Knows This 111

  1. Hi Ben
    With reference the blue 111 at bottom of jubilee way FOO 146T , I may be wrong but I believe it used to pull bleckmann trailers in the 80’s may be out of Basildon . if im right it was an owner driver by the surname of bell or ball. believe he may have pulled the odd trailer for martintrux as well that’s were I remember seeing the unit down the mtx yard once or twice.
    Andy Child


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