New Volvo FM & New Competition

Paparazzi competition

Straight from Volvo’s excellent Press Department:

The Volvo FM is next in line in the rapid renewal of Volvo Trucks’ product range – with the groundbreaking innovation Volvo Dynamic Steering as one of its prominent features. The truck will be launched in Europe on March 19, but it can already be spotted on public roads as part of a competition to be the first to see the new FM. The Volvo FM will be equipped with Volvo Dynamic Steering, which combines a conventional hydraulic power steering system with an electronically regulated electric motor fitted to the steering gear. The system gives the driver effortless steering at low speeds as well as unbeatable directional stability on the open road.

On-line “Paparazzi” competition

The official launch of the Volvo FM is on March 19, but Volvo Trucks is already giving the public the opportunity to catch a glimpse of it. Starting today, two unmasked trucks will embark on an extensive two-week tour across Europe. The sharpest-eyed “paparazzi” along the route will be rewarded by the Swedish truck maker.

“We want the public to send us the first snapshots of the new truck. The images will be published on a dedicated website and the winners will be invited to an exclusive test drive of the new truck in Gothenburg,” says Jeff Bird, Director Press tests at Volvo Trucks and the project leader of the competition. Each of the trucks is following a separate route throughout Europe. The two trucks have distinctive stripes to make them stand out from the surrounding traffic. To take part in the competition or to see the first images of the new Volvo FM truck, please go to the competition site.

New FM by Joan Garriga

So if you want to be like Joan Garriga, who took this photo above to be a winner, keep your eyes peeled as Volvo Trucks UK have been given the ‘nod’ that one of the trucks is destined for the UK and is due to land in the UK on Thursday morning (Mar 7).
It will drive via the M20/M25 to Cobham Services (clockwise) for a lunch break around 11am and then on to Warwick for around 4pm, where it will then ‘overnight’. Next day the vehicle will then travel via the M6/A14 to Cambridge Services (11am) – for a break – before going on via the M11/M25/M20 back to the channel coast and its next destination overseas.

If you are interested in being at one of these venues, please check social media, Twitter/Facebook search “Volvo Trucks UK”, for up-to-date timings and route locations.

New FM

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