SCOOP!! Astran / Tekno New Model Release

Astran Model release

I’m spoiling you, 2 blogs in a matter of days! But this is big news and it can’t wait for me to get my A*se in gear. I had an email today from Kevin Letham, yes him in charge of the most famous intercontinental trucking company ever, Astran. Kevin asked if I wanted to be on the list for the next and possibly the best Astran model yet. So of course I said yes please put me on the list, to which he replied, i’ve already put your name down but I thought I better just let you know! Anyway for those of you who don’t know, there have been 2 Tekno 1/50 scale models produced already and both sold out in days. Now you have to pay twice the original price to get one off the electronic auction websites. So how about this time around, want to see if you can get your name down on the original list??

Astran Model release

As you can see this time the model is based on a Scania 140 drawbar, reg no JLL 686K. Kevin said in his email; “We currently have, in production, what has already been called the “Best Model so far!!”. It was decided to make a 140 Draw bar as accurate as possible to the original. I have attached the design drawings and think that it will make a perfect addition to the previous models. Price has not been fixed yet, but it is thought to be slightly more than the previous models at £175.00 due to the extras that Tekno have had to make for it.”

It sounds to me like this will be a great model once again. I think it is fair to say that Dutch model builders Tekno, do know what they are doing when it comes to creating a real collectors item. This time around i’m sure that the Certificated Limited Edition Astran model will be hugely popular, so please get emailing Kevin now to try and secure you place on the list. To contact Kevin please email: or you can tweet him: @astran_kevin or i’m sure it’d be ok to call Astran direct if your not really an email person. How ever you do it, do it now because you really don’t to miss out on this one…..DO IT NOW!

Astran Model release

7 thoughts on “SCOOP!! Astran / Tekno New Model Release

  1. I ordered this from much Ado About Toys in Stratford on Avon for my husband. I have been told today they have closed down. No idea how to get this now!


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