Truck Detectives Required

Scania 141

Intrepid TB reported James Cartwright, spotted this Scania 141 in Navyard, Harwich the other week. One of you must know some more about this old bus. Remember that little saying, Who What Where?? James and I both agree that it has been imported from the East, could be anywhere between Harwich, Germany, Turku and Russia!! What we need to concentrate on is who has bought it. I’m sure it is now in the UK some where, heading for a restoration shed. Did you see it on the back of a lorry leaving Harwich or heading away from Essex?? Is it parked in a yard near you now? Has it crossed the Irish sea?? If you have any answers then please feel free to leave your answers on a postcard below. It will make a cracking restoration, I’m very much a fan of a 141 rigid. I hope to see it soon on the show circuit. Get detecting!!

1 thought on “Truck Detectives Required

  1. Look under lance biscombe road hauliers Preston at under old timers you will see it their do I get a prize?


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