Coming Soon – LEV 701V


Here’s another old girl that has been saved from the scrap heap. This sleeper cabbed 4×2 Scania 111 has been nicely restored and when completed will be for sale, yes that right it will be for sale. This truck is LEV 701V, which was at one point part of the Brain Haulage fleet. Its been striped back to the chassis and the interior has been re-skinned and upholstered. I have to say that even in this condition it was beginning to look rather nice.


Just a plain red and white livery will adorn the truck, with the engine being painted in that Scania engine green. She will be a nice tidy motor when done and in my opinion will be good enough for shows as it is. Although the man in charge says its just having a “basic” job done! I have no idea what the price will be but if you are interested I can put you in touch but seriously no time wasters, if you haven’t the funds for such a purchase please leave it to those who can. More photos to come as and when she is complete and ready to roll. Have you got any photos of her in her Brain Haulage colors or any other colors?? Email me;


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