What the FAP is That??!!


While wondering around the halls of the IAA Show in Hanover I came across what looked like an SK cabbed Mercedes, well from the side I was walking towards it anyway. It turns out that the 2 trucks in question were brand new Euro 5, FAP trucks. FAP are built in Serbia and extensively use old Mercedes cabs in their truck range. In fact if you scroll through the trucks pages on their website they use Merc badged trucks to show what they produce.. FAP is Serbia’s largest (and only??) commercial vehicle producer. Based in the Serbian town of Prijbol they employ something like 1200 people, making what look like rugged trucks for both private use and army use. FAP stands for Fabrika Automobila Priboj, just in case it comes up in a pub quiz! So if any of you die hard Merc SK fans have some spare cash, perhaps you need to pop to Serbia to get a brand new Euro 5 FAP…….If only they bought the rights to the 1 series Scania for their next truck range!!


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