Quick Pick of Channel Spotting

F1 Scania Crane Truck

Although I run this little website for like minded truck types, I honesty still feel self concious (if that’s the right wording) about taking photos of trucks…yes really. I’m not like the Neil Jarrolds or Ferdy De Martins of the world, who happily take photos willy and indeed nilly. For what ever reason i’m still not a confident wagon snapper. Anyway I thought it’d be a let down to my loyal readers if I didn’t take a few photos while sitting in Calais waiting for my boat. The dock wasn’t busy and I was only snapping out the truck window through a handy sized gap in the car transorter next to me, so the photos are not that great, they are a bit dark. The wagon above arrived in Calais, followed closely by a slightly smaller version. Both Scanias are Austrian registered and are used on the F1 Grand Prix circuit. They are used to build the hospitality units that we all see on the TV. I did have a tip off they are just for the Red Bull team, but i’m not sure how true it is, as it seems a little odd for a racing team based in Milton Keynes, UK to exclusively use a truck mounted crane company from Austria. Leave your comments please.

F1 Scania Crane Truck

Mercedes Car Transporter Carrying F1 Support Fleet

Speaking of F1, parked next to me was the above Mercedes Benz Actros car transporter (you can just the KFL logo behind). This one was parked behind two others and there was also one at the front of my lane. As you can see they are all loaded up with the F1 support vehicles. Each silver Mercedes Benz car or Vito was marked up with its purpose, such as; Media, Medical, Race Support (the 6.3 litre AMG estate!), Extraction (??) etc etc. Very smart.

Mercedes Car Transporter Carrying F1 Support Fleet

Norbert Dentressangle Renault Premium

Norbert Dentressangle DAF

Being in Calais you’d expect to see a Norbert, but these days you don’t see French registered ones. Just like everyone else ND now uses Eastern European registered trucks. Plenty of other Eastern Europeans about including this odd liveried Bulgarian Scania. Apparently it is supporting the Aston Villa captain who has Cancer or Leukaemia, but is a Bulgarian national hero (I don’t know much about soccer anymore), but Mr Lloydswell Dodsworth filled me in.

Odd Eastern European Trailer

Turkish DAF

Much to my delight there were also a host of little Tonka trucks of all nationalities coming and going. First a very old and over worked Red Atego. I think the number plate looked Hungarian, but what ever it was, it did look like it should be on it’s last return journey to its home land.

Hungarian?? Mercedes Atego

MAN TGL Wagon & Drag

This little MAN drawbar was obviously not sure which boat, lane or line he was supposed to be shipping to the UK on as he was already in a lane when I arrived, but over the next 45 minutes, manged to change lines and line a further 3 times. I wonder if he ever got to the UK, or even if he wanted to get to the UK in the first place?! Remember 4 axles, means a GVW of 26,000 kg, according to my some what sketchy, previous research!

Iveco Pigeon Carrier (1)

An English truck, heading off into France on a Friday morning. It would have to be some thing special and it was. A 7.5 ton Iveco Eurocargo Pigeon Carrier! The truck was a 54 plate and had a sleeper pod on the roof, so it must go a fair distance. Although it would be quite cosy with the 2 drivers in the cab.

Calais on a Friday Morning

Driving on the boat, there were a few more Angleterre trucks heading home. Armoric Freight Volvo and another big cabbed Mercedes Atego, that I want to say was Dods & Brown, but i’m sure that’s wrong. Please correct me.

I saved the best til last. This could be my current perfect truck, apart from, as another well know MAN TGL driver agreed with me, they should have put those fake side panels either side of the fridge unit!

Brand New Cool MAN TGL LX Fridge - Perfect apart from it doesn't have my name on it!!

If I was offered this truck with Euro work or a big artic with Euro work, I would honestly choose this. An MAN TGL LX, 12.250 with a Lamberet fridge body. Spare wheel, long range tanks and still with tyre shine on, this must be its maiden voyage to the UK and hopefully not its last. I think it needs a sun visor though. If I was Neil Jarrold, I would have walked off to find it and take some more pics and I wish I had. I think it was parked behind the Armoric Freight Volvo, unfortunately not on my boat. For any one rich out there who wants an investment, buy me one of these in blue and I will make your money back two fold!

Brand New Cool MAN TGL LX Fridge - Perfect apart from it doesn't have my name on it!!

There it goes…..Proof I was taking my pics through the body of that F1 transporter above. I do wish I had the time to spend a Friday or Monday sitting in Calais proper spotting……One day.


2 thoughts on “Quick Pick of Channel Spotting

  1. Great pictures, I stand to be corrected but your info on the scanias and red bull is right, as the original red bull drink did/does still come from Austria. Keep a weather eye out for my brother in law in around the French ports he drives an man for armoiric, can’t miss him looks like shrek.


  2. True while waiting to board the Spirit of Britain last week in Calais I counted 23 Norbert Dentresangle trucks disembarking and only 1 of them was French registered the rest being either Polish or Romanian…
    They are not alone as most large players seem to be running trucks registered in Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, or Hungary and of recent times the move seems to be further east with most employing Bulgarian or Romanians, I’ve also encountered several Polish and Slovakian registered trucks with Romanian or Bulgarian drivers!!
    It seems that international truck driving is no longer a job for western europeans with most large companies prefering to run fleets registered in Eastern Europe and beyond!
    I have also noticed a few British trucks running on Hungarian and Romanian reg plates is this the new ‘Flagging out’ so to speak instead of Dutch or Belgian plates??


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