Here’s Your New Truck

Recently I have been trying to work out how to use Facebook and more to the point get it working alongside the blog. So far I haven’t got a clue. It’s possible to put questions on the TB FB page, so I thought i’d give it a go to see what results I got, you know that modern word “interactive” thats me that is!

Here’s the question: Your new boss is offering you the following trucks brand new as your first truck, which do you choose?

– DAF 3300 ATI Spacecab
DAF ATI Spacecab

– Volvo F12 Globetrotter
Volvo F12 Globetrotter
– Scania 143
Scania 143
– Iveco Turbostar V8
Iveco 480 V8
– Mercedes Benz SK V8
Mercedes Benz SK


A bit of a retro question as we all seem to prefer the old generation of trucks. All in all i ended up with 48 Votes (at the time of going to press!), not a bad turn out. Please feel free to add your vote below in the comments box below or head over to the Facebook page if your that way inclined.
Can you Guess the results?? I bet you can guess the bottom 2 anyway. Here are the results;

1st – Scania 143 with 48% of Votes
2nd – Volvo Globetrotter with 27% of Votes
3rd – DAF 3300 Spacecab with 21% of Votes
4th – Iveco Turbostar with 2% of Votes
4th – Mercedes SK with 2% of Votes

I think in all honesty I could have kept the vote down to just the top 3 options. The choice between Volvo and DAF was pretty close. I was slightly surprised by the smaller cabbed beating the 2 bigger cabbed trucks to 1st place. This must show that all you old romantics of the road must just prefer the better drive over the better cab for time off. If you took part then thank you and if you didn’t you better had next time!! If youare literate in facebook please click on the link above and click the like button. Also keep your eyes for further questions / votes.

Before you truck off, why not leave a comment....

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