Bonnie Scania for Bonnie Scotland

…….and you wont find a better one! Remember I was the owner of a rather nice, plain classic Scania 141. Lovely. When I was the owner I did get a lot of comments about how nice a truck it was and how smart she looked. I tried to keep her in tip top condition but I can not and have no intention of telling you any thing but she is in even better condition now with her new owner, both in appearence and mechanically. I think it is fair to say I am very jealous and at the same time very pleased with what John Scott has done with said truck. I think really he has achieved what i couldn’t due to, er, er well due to funding shall we say! John is the owner of JST Services from Ayr, Scotland. He is a top man and clearly loves his trucks. When i saw the Volvo F16 he owns i knew the 141 was going to an excellent new home. Look at her now.

Gunnings Motors - UJN 509V

Looks good. I’m not the only one who is impressed. The judges at the recent Ayr Road Run were also so impressed they awarded John and the 141 1st Prize. The next show visit will be to Truckfest Scotland and hopefully one or 2 shows further South. When I sold her to Mr Scott she had been sat in the shed for a year and we were both unsure of what toll this had had. As we all know old trucks aren’t good at sitting in sheds and not being used. It seems that the sitting about probably caused some sort of overheating problem, but also i was shocked when John told me the truck had no thermostat, yes i did fall off my chair!! Along with the bits and pieces that did need doing John did other bits and pieces that weren’t essential but made the truck into a “like new to drive” machine that it is now. I had always wanted to give the gearbox the once over, but here is the extensive list of renovations that have been done;

Engine was overheating, after investigation found no thermostat in it, but the real problem was the 141’s have to be filled with water from the bottom which was then done and a new t’stat fitted.
Injectors all removed and serviced
Oil pressure checked
New gearknob
Various new ball joints and pins in gearlinkeage.
Renew off-side rear spring hanger and pin.
Renew two air valves that were leaking.
Remove rearwings and fit plastic with Scania emblem mudflaps.
Fit UK style tachograph.
All oils changed and filters.
Fit two new trackrod ends
Adjust clutch, not clearing gears.
Fit new door rubbers.
Fit fog and reverse lights.
Make new catwalk and steps.
Fit paddy style headboard.
Fit 8 Cibie Oscar spotlights.
Fit Scania netal sunvisor.
Fit extra marker lights.
Split upright exhausts and remove baffles for extra Brum-Brummmmmmm.
Strip all rubber and glass and completely repaint.

You may have noticed the new gearknob. I have the scar on my right palm from where it broke…….I will treasure it!! As you can see she hasn’t been left wanting for any thing. Pleased to see the snow chains are still there though. Also i’m so so pleased that those ghastly chequer plate mudwings i had made have been binned.

Gunnings Motors - UJN 509V

I think i need to see her in the flesh and perhaps i may even be granted a drive???!! Just imagine the ggggrrrroooowwwlll now she is baffle free. Hopefully she may get a trailer one day. I think John could be in for a few more trophies. Looking at the 2 Gunnings Motors trucks you wouldn’t bet against it.

Gunnings Motors - UJN 509V

Also just for my own curiousity as i haven’t done this yet, here are both the before and after photos. I still prefer the new colour scheme!urio


Gunnings Motors - UJN 509V


Gunnings Motors - UJN 509V

If you see John and the truck out and about on the road or if you already have, then please email me the photo’s,

8 thoughts on “Bonnie Scania for Bonnie Scotland

  1. I read about the model first on MTW. One of the regulars on the site provided this link.
    What an amazing story about the truck’s history, it has certainly had an interesting few years and is getting the attention that it truly deserves. All credit to both owners, who obviously love their truck. While I find both the BJS and Gunnings liveries very smart indeed, (even the chequer plate mudwings), but I have to agree, the Gunnings version is striking.
    I’m now off to buy the model, got to have that…..!


    • Your very kind about the chequer plate mudwings!! I only had them fitted in a hurry so it would pass it’s MOT, but they never seemed to disappear after that!! I’ll keep searching for the link, if not i ‘ll email John and see if he can get me one. Thanks for the heads up and keep an eye out for the model on the blog some time soon.




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