Aston Clinton Haulage – Early 1970’s

Seeing as its father day……… Back in the early 1970’s before i was a twinkle in my parents eye, my dear Dad worked for Aston Clinton Haulage or ACH as they were known. Based in Aston Clinton Village, long before they moved to Aylesbury. I have often wondered who else knows any thing else about ACH at this time. When i put these on the photo’s which most people put on were all later liveried trucks, some were F88’s but again they were in a slightly later livery.

Dads ACH Photos (13)

Cracking old ERF, i think the old man used to take her out on the road now again. Also note the lifting frame for loading. It seems in the early 1970’s not many people remember or were working at ACH, as i haven’t managed to get hold of or find anyone else who was there!! The only chap i know was there with my dad was Brian Soames, pictured below obviously in high spirits, perhaps it’s the snazzy coloured trailer!! I did manage to find out Brian was last seen working at Norbert Dentressangle in Leighton Buzzard. If you know of Mr Soames please ask her to get in touch. I do love this picture below. I can just see it now heading out of Calais, sleeper cabbed Scania, little GB box trailer full of Britains finest manufacturing, now that is the romance of the road! Is that one of those old Bedford vans in the background, or a Transit.

Dads ACH Photos (5)

Now as you can tell from the pics New Holland were a big customer. Combines and balers were regular cargo for ACH and that is were my old man comes in. As far as i understand it, he was chief loader and warehouse man. Eventually my Dad came up with the idea of a frame to put on the flat trailers to enable the smaller balers to be double stacked, obviously after the below photo was talking. The balers don’t way anything so doubling the amount on a trailer wasn’t a problem, it just needed the initiative…………’s a pity it doesn’t seem to run in the family!!

Dads ACH Photos

Dads ACH Photos (3)

I also remember dad saying that a regular Italian reload was washing machines. The chap that used to drive the Volvo below (no name I’m afraid), used to be one of those old legends, who liked to be home for his Friday night pint. Most weeks he’d head off to the continent with what ever the export cargo was, plenty of fags and cash for the Polizei, reload a full hand ball load of washing machines and be back in the yard in time for his pint. Oh The good old days!!

Dads ACH Photos (7)

Lovely day cab 110 Scania, that was no doubt a European regular. Hopefully you lot may be able to give me some more ACH info, in my opinion the earlier the better. Please comment below or email me,

Dads ACH Photos (6)

37 thoughts on “Aston Clinton Haulage – Early 1970’s

  1. i worked at ach in the 1970s when the depot on thame rd stone the drivers i remember are brian soames ray thorn pete chamberlin charlie manley rodger champian champ in the office boss less fowler bob mutton david fowler worked in the yard roy bailley worked in the office he was a real gentleman


  2. i worked at ach between nov.2003 nearly 30yrs.i knew all of the mentioned drivers, most are sadly deceased. also at that time ,early 70s there was john barnes,bob hall, eddie dunk,sammy vogan,jock halliday,john robson,ray smith, others there names have slipped my memory. ach,had some good uk work before we started mentioned n.holland.paper from wolvercote and wycombe,euromax a.clinton,b.clarke bottles at weedon and much more.good days.


  3. good to hear that you guys are ok
    long time ago now isnt it, who had all the photo’s ??, i thought i was the only one who had those ones

    all the best Dave Fowler


    • How nice of you to join us Mr Fowler. Ref these photos, they are all my Dad, John Sheldrake, has from his days with ACH in the early 70’s. So they are what inspired my live all things ACH and create the very popular Facebook page.


  4. Hi ;
    I never worked for ACH, But when i was at Mandiville school in Aylesbury a friend
    of mine Ian thorne who lived in Churchill ave Aylesbury , his dad was a driver there , this would of been in about 1972, he used to park it outside his house ,
    Many years later when i also went into driving artics , i saw Ian driving in Plymouth , for an Haulage that was based in Cornwall ,cant remember the name of the company though , happy days


  5. I used to work in the yard at stone on Saturday’s then got my licence my first job was with ACH I later worked for AJG for a number of years whilst working for them I moved to Cornwall where after a few years commuting to Aylesbury I found a job with Intercounty where I still work today ps Brian Sommes lives in Plymouth now


  6. I worked in the yard. Loading lorries. Shunting. Washing the lorries etc. From 1977-1980. Great time. Great bloke’s. Great respect for Les Fowler. The best boss l have ever known. What happened to Clive longton. All the driver’s were heroes. Cheers to all of them.


    • OMG, I remember Clive Longton. I spent many freight boat journeys going to France with ACH drivers. I drove for Sommer Allibert at the time. Good memories. Would love to know where he is now!


      • If you are on Facebook Kay, there is an ACH page and an awful lot of drivers are on there and if Clive isn’t on there then someone will probably have an update on him.


      • Thanks! I’ll check it out. I was looking for the companies I worked for and they’ve all gone now. Many of the drivers have passed on. I found the ACH page by accident. I’ll have to look and see if there’s anybody else I recognise there 🙂


  7. My father Dennis tweed worked for ach in the 70s I can remember him driving and the erf and a Maguires deutz for a while but he spent most of his time driving an f88


  8. Just for the record Mr Fowler purchased ACH from someone in Aston Clinton,but he based the company in Winslow Bucks then later in Oxford Road,Stone then on to Gatehouse Aylesbury


  9. bob hall calling i worked for ach at winwslow,stone and aylesbury bill halliday,ray thorne were at winslow along with harry williams and champ we hauled for alloys at aylesbury and moved a lot of cattle food around moved toe stone about 1966. we moved a lot porto siloes and cabins a round the country.i have lost touch with all you drivers so all that are left i wish all of the very best for the future. bob




    • Hi my name is John snowden snowy iworked at ach in the early seventies I went to Patrick’s with Pete Chamberlain I remember many of you from running Italy great bunch of lads Pete I’m glad to hear you are still around

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Snowy very glad that you are sill alive I had been told that you had died about 13 years ago .I am in touch with David Wissen at least once a month and when I am back in the UK we often go for a meal with our Wives ..And talk about the old days the two lady,s get a bit bored but it dosent stop us chewing the fat the work could be hard but we did laugh a lot….try to keep in touch Sifter Regards from PP and Cherry Picker…


      • Afternoon Alan. Great to hear from you after all these years. Where do you live now and I should think you are retired .I have been trying to get in touch with Shifter but no phone number and no emain .how about you you can email me or phone me on +39 3913036117. So many good memories PP ( peter)


  11. Hi,i came across this site by accident after looking at model trucks and the ACH model that is due for release. Just wondered if anyone remembered a John MacDonald from the mid to late 60’s who had a spell in the transport office with Les Fowler. Any recollection?


    • sorry Pete I have not seen your reply I’m still living in Banbury I’m 76 this year we’ve got to get in. Contact mate all the best shifter


  12. Wow. What great memories. My father and I had a wine warehouse in Edison Road and Les use to live nearly opposite us on Camborne Ave. ACH did a lot of our deliveries and were absolutely brilliant. Also having to remember to drop off cases of wine to Les to give out for Christmas pressies to the staff. We got to know Les really well. Great memories x


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