Variations on a Theme

I keep reading these articles they put in the magazines about the best way to take a truck photo. I always think it really comes down to personal preference, doesn’t it?? I took the following pics of a truck in the yard and thought I’d try a number of angles and now i don’t know which is the better pic. The subject had the sun overhead and just to one side and behind and the truck was parked in a straight line, so what do you do??? Here are my efforts………….

1) Standard, 45 degree corner shot, on the sunny side, looks good and shows the truck as you’d see it by eye.
X400 HCW / NB32

2) Again standard, 45 degree corner shot, but on the slightly shady side, looks good and shows the truck as you’d see it by eye. I don’t think being in the shade is to bad, but again that’s my own preference. Most of the pro’s will tell you, you can’t take it on the shady side. Why not??
X400 HCW / NB32

3) Sunny side, corner shot, from the ground truck pointing up. This gives the pic quite a good perspective, looks good this one i like it, a bit different from the norm.
X400 HCW / NB32

4) Same as above but pointing down. Does this make it a different photo? I think it does give make it different, but not sure how!
X400 HCW / NB32

Any way if you have a hint or tip for taking photo’s please share it with us all, leave you comments below. Hopefully we’ll all become pro’s and will be taking the perfect picture every time, then no one can moan, it’s not in the sun, it’s not this, it’s not that……… yes recently some one said one of my pics was no good as it was, i quote “Slightly shady”………what ever!!

2 thoughts on “Variations on a Theme

  1. All very good Ben. The blue sky makes the difference. Sunny side, shady side makes no diiference when bright. Dull overcast days will limit you to the sunny side. Main thing for the casual onlooker would be what’s in the background. Look at the boom of the Kalmar, it looks like is is part of the load!


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