Gareth Jackson European

Sat in the office at 5pm this afternoon, the day is nearly done, when into the yard rolls this clean and tidy 51 plate Volvo. Looking out the window the cab was shinning in the late afternoon sun, ally wheels, TIR boards, LHD and all the other gentle signs of a hard working European truck. The paint work was immaculate, even a black painted grill, giving the truck a very impressive “plain & simple” look that even got the non-truck perv in the office put of his chair to have a look (he ended up taking the photo’s!). I do like a truck that is understated. I’m not saying that all the show and shine doesn’t work, as you know i had an airbrushed trucked and earned a lot of money out of it because of its appearence, but i still think having operated trucks with both approaches, i still prefer the understated approach. This Volvo was a little ray of international sunshine. I think Mr S Wilson summed it up about right, “It looks like it could have come out of one of those pervy films driving to Qatar!” that is a back handed compliment i think.

Gareth Jackson European (6)

I’m hoping that Mr Jackson’s daughter will be emailing over some pictures of this old girl on her trips across Europe. Gareth told me his regular destinations used to be Greece, Turkey and Cyprus amongst others, so there should be some good ones. This is one truck that doesn’t just have that European look it can claim the fame as well……………………..Jackson European is ringing bells in my head but i can’t think why, I’m picturing a DAF, any ideas??? leave your comments below or email me

Gareth Jackson European (3)

Gareth Jackson European (8)

All the badges…….

Gareth Jackson European (5)

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