Truckfest Peterborough 2011

I have been waiting for the inspiration to write a report about Truckfest but i just cant find it! Truckfest was Truckfest thats it. In my opinion the sooner Live Promotions realise that Truckfest is just another Truckfest the better. The show never changes, its the same format every year and i cant see it ever changing abd don’t ever get me started on the £17 yes £17 entry fee. You get to the gate part with your £17 then you walk through and get asked if you want to buy a programme for £5. So for 1 adult entering the show you can spend £22 before you even get 10ft in the gate, the worst point being you get NOTHING what so ever for your entry fee, disgraceful. There is one reason i didnt take my son to his first Truckfest, its the same reason i didnt waste another day of my wifes life at Truckfest, IT’S TOO EXPENSIVE!!! Live promotions are you reading?? I dont think i would mind the fee if you got some thing for it, some thing new in the arena perhaps, yes you guessed it, Monster Trucks, Stunt Display Bikes, Recovery Display etc etc. Good displays yes and highly entertaining, especially when one of the Monster trucks overturned!! Any way can some one please change the format next year or lower the entry fee???

Now as for the trucks, again a lot of the same, but there were all good. Lots of shiny metal and a few new vehicles that almost made the fee worth while, no actually perhaps not. Here are a few of my highlights in no particular order;

Truckfest 2011 (3)
Truckfest 2011 (44)

Truckfest 2011 (42)

Cracking new Parkers Horse Box
Truckfest 2011 (35)

These 2 are still top of my Vintage list.
Truckfest 2011 (39)

Did this one used to be red and from Swanley??
Truckfest 2011 (38)

Truckfest 2011 (31)

Truckfest 2011 (27)

Nice to see this old girl has gone to a good home and will be kept in a tip top condition for the rest of her days.
Truckfest 2011 (18)

Truckfest 2011 (13)

Truckfest 2011 (11)

Truckfest 2011 (8)

Truckfest 2011 (32)

Truckfest 2011 (58)

This Swedish registered beastie was last seen by me in Hannover last year!
Truckfest 2011 (55)

As some one recently said, it seemed as though the show should have been Scania-fest this year! Fingers crossed next year they may be a slight change to the set up.

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