Pulleyn Atego Fleet

Now if there is one fleet i would love to have some input on and from is Pulleyn Transport from Reading, especially the few Mercedes Benz Atego fridges they run on Pharmaceuticals. I think they currently run 4 x 04 reg Atego’s and 2 x 06 reg 1022 Atego’s. They are all kept busy on pharmaceutical work across the UK & Europe. Now with a history of little lorries, and one particular Atego in my portfolio i do rather like the top of the range tonka toys. I don’t see many Pulleyn trucks on my daily commute from Colchester to Stowmarket along the A12 and A14, so when i saw one up a head i thought i better try and get a photo. I can see space on that there tail lift for a truckblog sticker!

Pulleyn Atego (1).jpg

As you can see the trucks are well equipped and well turned out. The trucks themselves are fitted with 2 fridge motors, one for main use and one as a backup in case the main one breaks down, to avoid any damage or knock on affects to their usually highly valuable cargo’s. This particular truck was heading for Stenaline at Harwich for the night boat to Holland. Also more interestingly this truck was double manned. As  you might get the impression i really want to know more about what the truck was doing. I followed said truck along the A14 and onto the A12, then as i said the truck beared left and down the A120 towards Harwich and i carried on home (although i was very tempted to follow it all the way to Harwich!). I did get ahead of it at one point and grabbed a front view but only just, i’m sorry bit it’s not a good pic.

Pulleyn Atego (2).jpg

Now this is where my intrepid readers come in. I really want to get through to a driver of one of these trucks as i want them to contribute to the blog now and again. I know they do high profile work, but even so I’m sure sending me pics of an Atego around Europe isn’t going to cause to many problems (although me taking pics seems too!). If you know a driver at Pulleyn can you please pass on my request and suggest to the Atego drivers that fame and fortune, well fame awaits them if they want to contribute to what your reading. Email me or get them to email me; ben@truckblog.co.uk. I think i will try emailing Pulleyn direct and see if i get any response. In the mean time if you have anymore info also feel free to email me, pictures and info please…….

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