MAN “Consistently Efficient” Tour 2011

The what i hear you say. The MAN “Consistently Efficient” Tour 2011 that’s what it says. I know i can read, i hear you say, but what does it involve?? Well the idea is that MAN are sending 3 trucks around Europe on a 10,000km trip to demonstrate how much fuel and CO2 can be saved in goods transport by road, using today’s technology. They are claiming with the right technology you can save 3 litres of fuel per 100km travelled. 3 MAN TGX artics set off from Munich yesterday on their 4 week tour of 20 European cities (although it looks to me like they aren’t coming to the UK!). There is a blog to follow the progress if you so wish, click here.

MAN Efficiency Tour Start

Nice yellow TGL in the corner of that picture by the way. Now because I’m not a literary genius, i don’t really know how else to say what the press release says, so i will paste in here the main info i think you’ll be interested in;

“On the Tour, two MAN TGX EfficientLine vehicles will be out to show that up to three litres of fuel per hundred kilometres can be saved in long-haul transport. The TGX EfficientLine, which was presented at the IAA in September 2010, is a truck designed for the highest level of fuel efficiency. And because the driver has a great deal of influence on the truck’s fuel consumption, an Economy training course at MAN ProfiDrive is included in the standard scope of delivery of the MAN TGX EfficientLine. In addition, the drive and suspension components, trailer, tyres, fuel and lubricants all influence the efficiency of the commercial vehicle. For this reason, MAN’s partners Castrol, Kögel, Michelin and ZF are also participating in the MAN “Consistently Efficient” Tour 2011.
The three MAN TGX trucks are carrying a very special cargo: the Tour’s messages – “Consistently Efficient”, “Save Fuel” and “Less CO2” in the form of lettering over two metres high. A transparent tarpaulin enables an unrestricted view of the striking lettering.
In order to ascertain and verify the consumption values precisely, the three trucks have already travelled the identical route, fully laden and under completely realistic conditions. This measurement run was overseen by TÜV Süd (Technical Control Board), while the MAN TeleMatics® system provided a clear overview of the vehicle data. Fuel consumption was permanently monitored by means of fuel consumption gauges and verified when the tanks were refilled.”

It seems the city list is as follows, with dates. If your out on the continent you can pop along!
16.05.11 Munich
17.05.11 Prague
18.05.11 Breslau
19.05.11 Vienna
20.05.11 Eugendorf
22.05.11 Misano
24.05.11 Nuremberg
25.05.11 Leipzig
26.05.11 Hirschberg
27.05.11 Eindhoven
28.05.11 Frechen
31.05.11 Copenhagen
01.06.11 Hamburg
06.06.11 Lille
08.06.11 Vitoria
09.06.11 Estoril
10.06.11 Madrid
14.06.11 Valencia
15.06.11 Barcelona
16.06.11 Beziers

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