OMG it’s Bloody MARVEL….lous 

Yes I’m a truck anorak/geek/pervert what ever you want to call it. Since the age of 7 or 8 I could tell you what the truck a mile ahead was just by looking at it. Mrs Blog thinks I’m odd as I just look at truck photos, she describes it as “just staring and taking it all in” – fair comment I think. I’ve been to truck shows around Europe and also in the United States and seen a fair number of trucks in my time. Once in a while I see a truck that just leaves me lost for words, this is a rare occasion I can tell you and to be honest it’s just a reflection of the machine in front of me. 


A few months back I found out about a new custom truck that was in build and luckily enough I’m friends with the man in charge of the airbrush, which meant I was privy to a few early photos of what was going on. If you didn’t read it, then click HERE and have a read of “Templeton O’Heck”. 

The Superhero truck stopped me in my tracks when I saw it in the flesh at Peterborough Truckfest. Quite often when you see a custom truck, you like it or you can appreciate it but it’s just not your cup of tea. Perhaps it’s too gaudy, perhaps the colour is just to in your face, perhaps the interiour is like someone has emptied the complete contents of every tin of paint from a DIY shop onto the dashboard and seats! Like with everything all truck fans have their own preferences which is exactly why we all put our own stamp on our own truck.  

Having seen some in-build photos I wasn’t sure how the Supertruck made me feel, but I can safely say that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a custom truck that I like more than this. I know loads of you will disagree and that’s your perogattive but for me it is just spot on! I’ve said before that I wouldn’t run another airbrushed truck myself and I much prefer a simple Dutch or Danish paint job, but Superheros just blows that all away, I want it! The attention to detail is incredible, but it’s what we are all beginning to expect from Coles Customs in Banbury (GB), the work the lads there do is as good as if not better than anyone else in Europe. Next we have Matt the Painter. For more years than I care to remember Matt has been producing paint jobs on vehicles that are as good as any famous artist. When you get a moment just look at the realism in any of his artwork, Matt should be doing framed pieces and selling them for hundreds of thousands of £’s in my book. Matt is easily as talented as any famous artist you wish to mention.  


Attention to detail is both small and large on this truck. For all those who will never see it, Supermans cape doesn’t finish as it goes out of view on the top of the cab. I can assure you that the cape ripples and flows all the way to the rearmost edge of the cab top air deflector. 

Yes the exterior is incredible, the colours and the shear number of Superheros Matt has added to the panels of the truck is nothing short of mind blowing and yes I love it! For me the make or break of a custom truck is the interiour. Again usually, I like the simple brown leather or suede retrimming that the Dutch have made there own and when Matt told me he was airbrushing the interiour with more Superheroes I was a little sceptical!  

You might not agree, but I love it! I think it’s because it’s just black and white like its pen on paper, it just works. It’s some how not in your face and not over the top, or is it just me?? While I’ve been writing this I’ve been thinking what it must look like in the dark, no doubt it’s has some interiour lighting, does anyone have any photos please? You know what it’s like when you see a crazy interiour and we all say it; “I couldn’t sit in there all day, it’d drive me crazy!” Well in this case I’d happily give it a go and I think I’d be very pleased to call it my office. I don’t think this level of customisation has been seen in the UK but I very much hope it’s the start of many more. Quite often new ideas do get copied and trends start, this truck is a masterpiece and I’d have no qualms in buying it when the Templtons have had enough of it. Hopefully we will see more trucks to this standard and I’m sure all involved would happily try and create more masterpieces to this new level. There are no more words to describe it so I suggest you get to a truckshow this year to see it. It’ll blow your mind one way or another, for me it’s defdinately a good way. Awesome just bloody Awesome. 


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