Truckfest 2016


And the winner of best demo fleet colours goes to Volvo Trucks UK! With the gleam of the sun I kid you not, that blue is good enough to rival Scania’s Bluestream blue. Both myself and my 6 year old son decided to go to Peterborough this year for two reasons;

1) John Templetons new Scania “Superheros” (for me!)

2) Swampthing – The monster truck for my son. 


Let’s start with the Superhero truck. Although I don’t really know what to say! There are lots of themed trucks around some which are tasteful, some over the top and just a few that are mind blowing, above mind blowing I don’t know what the best word to use is. Whatever you think is better and more impressive than the beat around will fit. I’ve owned and operated an airbrushed truck and I have to say I don’t think I’d do it again but when you see Superheros I don’t think you can do anything but stand back and admire the work and effort that has been put into creating nothing short of a masterpiece. The paint and artwork puts modern artists to shame, I think this could be airbrush artist Matt’s greatest achievement to date. I’ll say no more as I’ll do a seperate blog on it. All I can say is that there were more new, big money trucks at Peterborough this year than I have seen in I don’t know how many years. Big Volvos, Tcab Scanias, custom Mercedes-Benz, well painted DAFs, just all sorts. 

All the main truck manufacturers were present and all with impressive stands. Once again Mercedes-Benz had a large area covered in all shapes and sizes of the three pointed star. Celebrating 20 years of the Actros MB had one of each of the four generations of Actros on show. Mercedes-Benz have so far sold over 1 million Actros and counting. I ended up taking too many photos of the four truck line up, but for me the best is the MP2 Black Edition Actros (2nd from the left). I just love it, perhaps it’s because it’s the one I wanted when I had my own Actros.  


As Truckfest has always done, there were trucks from all industry sectors and all  shapes and sizes. It’s always nice to see a little Tonka toy on show. Owned and operated by KE Express she looked tidy. The beauty of Truckfest is that your truck doesn’t  have to be all blinged up and crazy artwork. Just any everyday truck that fancies a weekend off is welcome! 


There were a good few old timers hanging around…..plenty of retro trucks too. For me these older motors are where my interest lies. Keeping some of these old trucks in show condition is imperative in my book. We don’t have fields of scrap trucks like in the USA so I think keeping them in working condition is the best thing to do. This way we can all still enjoy the glory days of UK haulage, one day I hope to join the retro club myself.  

As for the rest of the show, the usual ranks of working trucks fill the outer reaches of the show ground. Due to some wet weather in the weeks before there were some empty patches of grass that had sensibly been avoided by those doing the parking up. The last thing any driver wants is to be parked up in a boggy field for the weekend. I have to say in summary, apart from the weather being good, the show was quite enjoyable for a day visitor. A good few new trucks to look at and some great looking working trucks emerging from various corners of the U.K.  I still think the entry price is way over priced and I’m glad I get my tickets for free due to some corporate connections but in saying that it was well worth the trip for a boys day out. If nothing more than the smile on my sons face when Swapthing did its thing, I’m fairly sure we’ll go again next year.  


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