Guernsey MAN 


I haven’t seen my old pal Steve Marsh for a while now, so as I had a spare ticket for Truckfest I thought I’d ask him the question, being the generous type that I am! Now usually when Marshy tells me where he’s off too I get a little envious, but he’s reason for not coming to Peterborough turned my envy into more of a feeling of the big green eyed monster.

 “Sorry but I’ll be on the boat to Guernsey on Sunday morning.”

I could just leave the blog there but I’m not sure that’s utterly fair so I’ll go on for you my dear readers sake. Firstly I’d love to go back to driving a little 12 ton rigid around Europe this is the reason I enjoy Marshys reports so much and secondly I spent an awful lot of my teenage summers in Guernsey and I can’t think of a nice place to be heading for on a bank holiday weekend, let alone getting paid for it. Some of you will understand that in the world of hot-shot and express work, sometimes reloads can be some distance from deliveries but as long as the miles are paid who cares?? Here is the itinerary for starting from  the Wednesday before last (remember Monday this week was a bank holiday in the UK); 

Wednesday: Load Weymouth – A Printing machine.

 Thursday:  Deliver Zundert NL

 Friday: Load 20 miles south of Strasbourg – Security Doors

 Sunday:  Ferry from Portsmouth to Guernsey via Jersey (Condor Ferries)

 Mon: Lounge around in St Peter Port

Tue: Deliver to Guernsey Airport with motorcycle outrider escort. 

The original plan was to catch the boat from St Malo but the load wasn’t ready in time near Strasbourg. Even though it sailed 3pm Saturday you have to check in at 8am and Steve couldn’t get there till 10:30.


Nice work if you can get it! Being some what of a Guernsey fan I suggested that as it was bank holiday then there was bound to be some Motorsport event on the island and much to Marshys enjoyment they had a hill climb race going on out of St Peter Port. This whiles away a few hours on bank holiday Monday. On Tuesday morning Steve was collected from the Port by his motorcycle escort to drive the 4 miles upto the islands airport and to make his delivery. The escort is required due to the little MAN being 2.5m wide and the width limit on Guernsey is a narrow 2.3m wide. 


The boat back to England wasn’t until Tuesday night so Steve had the rest of the day to mooch about. I suggested the delightful Petit Bot Bay just outside of St Peter Port. Judging by the photo below he took my tourist advice and enjoyed  one of the best little beaches on the Island. Anyway back to work, but still it’s always nice to get a little treat I guess! Beats the Bruxelles ring road any day. 


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