Ralph is Back


I love repeating myself (so Mrs Blog says), so I’ve probably told you before that I must have somewhere close to 750 Herpa 1:87 scale truck models these days, no idea why as they all have to stay in my Mothers loft for now. Saying that the models are amazing and Herpa’s tooling is by a million miles the most detailed in HO or 1:87 scale. This latest model is a new Volvo FH4 in the famous black and red that makes Ralph Davies trucks some of the most recognisable on the road. The trailer is based on a Chereau frigo and uses some new tooling in the production. I think Herpa may just have created their best looking trailer yet! This model has the name “Master Liam” on the front grille and I am told this is one of Ralph’s grandchildren. Herpa are now related to Dutch 1:50 scale model maker Tekno, consequently there will be a 1:50 scale model being released later this year and that model will bear the name “Master Henry”. I have managed to collect 8 or 9 of the previous Herpa Scania Centurion models and I can see myself trying to get hold of the same for this gorgeous Volvo! 

As a side note there are 8 confirmed new UK models from Herpa this year and may be a 9th if they get on with it. 


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