Been There & Done it


One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is the variety of people I get to meet. Some days it will be directors in suits and big board rooms, the next day it could be a scrap yard with nothing but metal, dirt and sheep skin coats, then on other days you get the ones somewhere in the middle. Often you meet the directors and no matter the size of business I think the transport industry is still a place where a vast majority of the big bosses have been there and done some of it. A recent meeting with a pair of directors unvailed not only two good old boys who have clearly worked hard to get where they are today but also a pair who have started at the bottom and worked their way up. I often here drivers moaning about how their bosses have no idea how to do the job but it’s worth remembering that those bosses have to have experience of something to get where they are. Anyway these two directors have built up a great business and are definitely still on the up, putting the hours in is nothing new to getting to where you want to be and one of the two told me how he started out.


“Back in the day, 1983, I joined PHS as a 19 year old not knowing what to do with myself, after 6 months as a trainee accountant for an insurance business.

So day 1 I remember being given the keys for a Dodge Commodore and one delivery to CNC in Horley, Surrey – no training, no showing where the controls were, just off you go! I reckon in a while I will be able to remember the reg number. I then had a year driving all over the country in a variety of 7.5tonners. I met and worked with some amazing people at PHS, many of which I am still in touch with now. 30 years ago one of our part time Saturday workers went on to become the MD of the business I currently work for. Just proves that great relationships last over time.

 Fast forward 3 years I was the Operations Director of a business that went on to become a £12m business with about 100 staff over 4 locations. PHS Transport was bought by Nightfreight on 5th November 1993 and I then became a regional Director of Nightfreight in the South of England.”

And that as they say was that! Onwards and upwards from the days of PHS and Nightfreight to where he is now, with a successful worldwide freight forwarding, transport and distribution business. If your reading this as a boss, a manager or a director then please feel free to email me with your story. We all started somewhere and most forget that applies to those at the top as well as the bottom! 


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